The Impact of the Monsoon Accessorize Trust

Since 1994, the Monsoon Accessorize Trust has been supporting projects that impact the most disadvantaged and vulnerable women and children in communities across Asia. It’s our mission to help provide education, healthcare and employment initiatives which directly benefit the artisans who are involved in the Monsoon Accessorize supply chain, as well as the wider community. As we celebrate its 25th anniversary, we look back at the impact and key achievements of the Trust…




Sita, who lives in the village of Badoliya, visited the monthly immunisation camp that was set up by the Trust. Here, she received healthcare which helped save the life of her and her baby, followed by a course of antenatal care, nutritional advice and basic hygiene practices.



Nisha, 11, had never been to school before she started attending the Residential Learning Camp. Along with the rest of her peers, Nisha is given clothes, food and basic education, as well as weekly health checks which recently helped diagnose a cataract in her eye. The trust arranged for her to have an operation to help save her sight, at no cost to her family.



Narayn let the other local farmers in Rajpur village use his well to pump water to their adjoining fields but uneven surfaces often meant that water couldn’t reach 85% of the land. With help from the Trust, the well was made deeper and a new life pump was installed. The farmers now give Narayn a small portion of their total production, which is part-invested back into the running costs, as well as donated to the village fund.

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