Local Icons: Renu Kashyap, Author of Ibiza Bohemia 

We think Ibiza Bohemia deserves a place on everyone’s coffee table. This collection of photos and quotes is an immersive portrayal of island life that causes you to instantly fall in love with the place (if you weren’t already). Here, we talk to the book’s author, Renu Kashyap, about the inspiration for her work, countryside […]

Local Icons: Merel Krielaart, Co-founder of World Family Ibiza 

Merel Krielaart is co-founder of World Family Ibiza, an independent clothing store with her family and their global adventures at its heart. Here, we talk to Merel about life in Ibiza, creative fulfillment, and connecting to nature.  We’re so inspired by your family’s story of love and adventure, which all began here in Ibiza. Do you see […]

Local Icons: Victoria Durrer Gasse, Founder of La Galeria Elefante  

During our recent trip to Ibiza, we found ourselves returning to La Galeria Elefante again and again. This treasure trove of clothing and homewares is the culmination of Victoria Durrer Gasse’s faraway travels and eye for handcrafted detail. Here, we chat to Victoria about growing up with Ibiza, inspirational women, and her favourite corners of […]