Marrakesh Travel Guide With Love Cloth

Marrakesh is the jewel in the crown of Morocco, a vibrant, lively city with winding, labyrinthine souks, magnificent architecture and enchanting botanical gardens. As part of our Tales of Summer series, we teamed up with fashion and travel blogger Kim from Love Cloth to tell us more about her recent trip to the sun-soaked streets of the Red City…

Things To Do


 Visit the beautiful Jardin Majorelle

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Jardin Majorelle – otherwise known as the Majorelle Gardens – is one of the most beautiful sites in Morocco. A short journey from the medina walls in Marrakesh, this 12-acre botanical garden was the former home of Yves Saint Laurent, who brought the villa to save the vision of its original owner, painter Jacques Majorelle. The architecture packs a punch with its bright blue and yellow walls, and the gardens are full of Instagram-worthy cacti. Who can resist?


Escape to the desert

Located a 45-minute drive out of the city, Scarabeo Camp offers a luxury camping experience to holiday-makers in Marrakesh. You don’t have to stay overnight but if you do, these tents are equipped with proper beds and bathrooms. You can dine under the stars, quad bike over the dunes or even part-take in some yoga.


Where To Stay

El Fenn

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El Fenn is a must-stay when visiting Marrakesh. This beautiful riad hotel is a 28-room labryrinth with tree-filled courtyards and a rooftop pool – plus it’s also home to the cutest little resident tortoises! It’s the perfect escape from the bustling streets of the city; every corner is filled with something beautiful to look at, from walls adorned with artwork to luscious palm leaves.


La Mamounia

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We also ventured to the La Mamounia, a hotel that lets you pop in for a visit. It’s definitely worth trying one (or all!) of its four restaurants, and it’s highly recommend for its beautiful interior. Just check out those tiles…


Packing Tip

Pack light – not only for bringing back some amazing homeware but also because it’s pretty hot! Linens and lightweight dresses are always a winner. Don’t forget to be respectful to the culture and opt for something knee-length or with sleeves. I always had a linen scarf handy just to cover my shoulders when walking through the old town.


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