At Work With: Lottie Murphy, Pilates Instructor and Wellness Blogger

As part of our At Work With series. Say hello to Lottie Murphy, Pilates instructor and wellness blogger, and get a sneak peek at her working day. Here’s her one-day diary… Caroline Print Tank Top, £25 | Caroline Printed Leggings, £29 5:30am: Alarm Yes, I get up that early most days! Sometimes I’ll just laze in bed and […]

At Work With: Katherine Ormerod, Fashion Journalist and Consultant

As part of our At Work With series. Meet Katherine Ormerod, fashion journalist and content consultant, and get an exclusive insight into her working day and weekday wardrobe. Here’s her one-day diary… Thalia Embroidered Jacket, £59 Working from home can be rewarding in countless ways — especially when you’re a writer. The calm silence and serene atmosphere helps […]

At Work With: Alice Vincent’s Guide To Gardening

Discover how to get green-fingered with Telegraph journalist and author Alice Vincent’s essential guide to gardening, taken from her book ‘How To Grow Stuff’. Part of our At Work With series.  Universal Growing Info Drainage While I have managed to grow lots of plants in containers that have very little material added to improve drainage, […]