Chambord Cocktail and Lemonade Ice Lollies Recipe

Looking for the perfect summer treat? Find out how to make cocktail ice lollies with chef Sally Abé’s quick and easy recipe, featuring fresh raspberries and peaches with raspberry liqueur and lemonade.


1 peach, halved and stone removed

12 raspberries, washed

80ml of Chambord, or other raspberry liqueur

300ml of lemonade



Cut the peach into thin slices and halve the raspberries. Divide between six ice lolly moulds.
Mix the Chambord with the lemonade in a jug and pour into the moulds before adding the lolly sticks.
Place in the freezer for at least six hours, or preferably overnight, to allow the lollies to freeze solid.
When completely frozen, gently warm the moulds to loosen and release the lollies (either rub gently between your hands or run under warm water). Enjoy!