At Work With: Katherine Ormerod, Fashion Journalist and Consultant

As part of our At Work With series. Meet Katherine Ormerod, fashion journalist and content consultant, and get an exclusive insight into her working day and weekday wardrobe. Here’s her one-day diary…

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Working from home can be rewarding in countless ways — especially when you’re a writer. The calm silence and serene atmosphere helps me focus, and it’s definitely convenient for fitting in admin and exercise. When you schedule your own work day, you can really hone in on your priorities and balance your workload with all the other things on your to-do list. But it can also be a little lonely, especially when you’ve been used to working in a busy office environment.

For me, it always helps to divide the day into three parts — morning, post-lunch and evening and I try to make sure that I’ll have some human interaction in at least one of those windows. If I’ve got a lot of writing to get through, I’ll make sure it’s scheduled early on in the day so I’ll have the afternoon or evening free to meet with clients or friends.

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One of the other things about working from home is that it’s easy to slip into being sloppy with your style, but if you have plans to meet with people, it helps you keep your standards up. Most mornings I practice yoga for between 15 minutes to an hour depending on how energetic I’m feeling — I use a great app called Yoga Studio to guide me through and even though it’s just me, wearing a nice outfit rather than holey sweats helps keep me motivated.

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When it comes to working, jeans definitely win the day — but I make sure I keep things polished with an embroidered blouse, statement jacket or cosy knit. But if I’m getting ready to head out for cocktails or dinner, I’ll make sure I change into either a dress or feminine separates to feel fresh — another one of the benefits of working from home is never being more than a few steps from your wardrobe, so you might as well make the most of it!


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