At Work With: Bec Dickinson, Food Stylist and Author

As part of our At Work Series. We spend the day with Bec Dickinson, food stylist, photographer, cake-baker and author of ‘Love Your Lunches’, who made the move from Melbourne to London to forge a new career in food. Here’s her one-day diary…


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My alarm buzzes between 7-7.30am and, even though I work from home, the day has a habit of running away from me if I’m not up early enough. First, it’s into the kitchen for an easy breakfast of yoghurt, banana and a big helping of granola. If I’m more in a savoury mood, I’ll go for a fry-up of eggs, mushrooms and whatever else my fridge suggests. After a quick scroll through e-mails, I can sanely dress myself. The usual go-to is stretchy jeans with loose top combo – and despite being a constant food spiller, I still risk it for the biscuit almost every day and wear a light-coloured top. Some people (me) never learn.

If there’s a food shoot that day, I like to have a nice early start and catch the nice morning light, which also means there won’t be any rushing towards the end of the day. If it’s a recipe writing or laptop day, by now I am set up in a café, coffee to my right, diary and notebook to my left.



Charra Kaftan, £45

By now I’m tinkering in the kitchen working on a recipe (and hoping I’m going to get it right the first-time round), or editing shots from a food shoot. It never feels quite work like and it’s always a nice way to round off the work day – also because if I wanted to do this in my pyjamas, I can! It’s also likely that I’m sipping tea and snacking on a cheese and cracker of some sort – that’s if I’m not eating what I’m cooking straight away.



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I’m lucky enough to live a stone’s throw from Victoria Park, which is fittingly one of my favourite parts of the city. So, if London has decided to show us a beautiful sunny day, I like to unwind with a casual jog or wander around it, sometimes with a friend in tow. This is also where my tummy starts to rumble and dinner is on my mind. After a shower and quick Q&A with my stomach, it’s back in the kitchen for something most likely to be topped with cheese, followed later by some cake or making a solid dent in a chocolate block.

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