Creative Ideas to Get Your Kids Outdoors this Easter Break

The Easter break is here, the sun is finally shining and the kids have tummies full of chocolate. What better time to get outside in the fresh spring air? We know that sometimes that’s easier said than done, so we’ve come up with some creative ideas to get them off the sofa and into the great outdoors.


Go on a Nature Trail

Whether you head out to the country, walk down to your local park or simply stay in your own back garden, nature is abundant at this time of year. Draw up a tick list and see what your mini wildlife watchers can spot. Keep your eyes peeled for bumblebees buzzing amongst the newly blooming flowers, hedgehogs snuffling in the shrubs, frogs and toads splashing in the puddles and green shoots sprouting from the trees.



Create a Nature Masterpiece

Pack away the paints and pencils and let nature provide the art supplies. Pack a drawing pad and some glue and head out to find inspiration. Twigs, leaves, petals and ferns all make beautiful additions to their outdoor artworks. Why not take a few wax crayons too and encourage your little artists to get creative with leaf rubbings?



Get Green Fingered

As soon as you give the kids a chance to plant their very own seeds, they’ll feel like the garden belongs to them. Write their name on a lollipop stick and give them their very own patch to tend. They’ll soon be out checking, watering and caring for their own plot. And, if you get them to plant veggies, they might even eat them too!


Create the Ultimate Treasure Hunt

The little ones will have to have their thinking hats on for this one, puzzling clues, exploration and a treasure chest full of treats to find what could be more fun? Add some mystery and excitement to Easter and send the kids off on their very own treasure hunt. Hide clue in the bushes, behind tree trunks and under the garden bench. Give them a helping hand with their first clue or even an elaborate treasure map you’ve made yourself – scorch the edges and stain with coffee for an aged look.

If you judge it right, you’ll have enough time to sit back and relax as they have hours of fun solving the riddles you’ve created.


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