Serra Bellum: Dubai Travel Diaries

Escape to the evocative city of Dubai with Instagram influencer Serra Bellum, and discover her top travel tips and getaway style – as part of our exclusive Travel Diaries series.


Tell us about your holiday destination… 

I took a trip to Dubai and this time around, I made a point in exploring the history of the city, from the textile market to the gold and spice souks. In downtown Dubai, I visited the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall and the Dubai Fountain, as well as the Emirates Fountains and Mall of the Emirates. The trip to La Mer – the city’s eclectic beachfront – was definitely one of the highlight of my stay. I also loved my exclusive visit to Drift Beach and Cove Beach, both of which were bursting with aesthetic perfection, relaxing ambiances and exquisite food experiences by water. Dubai is certainly a location I intend to visit once more before the year runs out. It is a spectacular melting pot of various cultural influences, architectural designs, fashion-forward thinking and diverse culinary experiences. Highly recommended.



Tell us about the pieces you’ve packed and how you’re wearing them this summer

An embroidered linen jumpsuit which I paired with a floral-embroidered straw bag.  For the beach, I packed my printed blue bikini set, a tie-dyed sarong and a fedora hat that was perfect for the heat. Other key pieces included an embellished halter-neck maxi dress and a statement military jacket.



What are your top three travel tips?


1. Research the location beforehand and be brave enough to wander away from the tourist grid – it’s often where the most cost-effective, hidden gems can be found.

2. It is important to utilise social media to connect with people from the area, especially those within your field of interest. I always make sure to connect with photographers, artists, fashion insiders and any other individuals I feel I can learn from and potentially work with. Being able to meet and mingle with the locals enhances the trip, and allows you to see your desired location from a local’s point of view, therefore giving you more of a reason to return.

3. It’s crucial to understand and explore the lifestyle and social etiquette of the locals, so as to conform and not offend.


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