Whinnie Williams Curates Modern Heritage

Whinnie Williams: DJ, singer-songwriter and all-round vintage obsessive. Find out what happened when we invited her to curate a hand-picked edit of our Modern Heritage collection, and uncover her fashion loves and favourite finds in our exclusive Q&A. Shot in her seventies location home – otherwise known as @poodleandblonde –  in the seaside town of Margate.


Talk us through the pieces you’ve picked from the Monsoon Modern Heritage collection.

I love all things ’70s so I have gone for all my favourite colours: burnt orange, teal and mustard! I also love pussy bows and they work amazingly with suits. I’m really into tailoring in autumn, so this collection was perfect for me. 

The seventies have made a comeback this season. What are your tips on how to embrace the trend in a modern way?

Go for bold colours, tailoring and layering to create great ‘70s-inspired looks. 

Describe your personal sense of style in three words.

Overdressed, glamorous and chic.


Who are your fashion influences and why?

Brigitte Bardot, Françoise Hardy – all dreamy women from the past. 

What are your tips for sourcing vintage finds?

Seaside towns have the best charity shops! Weird and wonderful unloved places have the best treasures.


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