How to Dress Twins

When it comes to dressing twins, many mums have different opinions. Some will tell you that they try to dress their little ones in matching outfits as often as possible, while others feel that having matching genetics is enough, and aim to dress their twins differently to suit their personalities.Whatever way you choose to dress your twins, here are some style tips to ensure their outfits are as cute as they are!


Keep it practical

Whether you’re a new mum or you’ve done it all before, practicality is going to be huge part of your life – especially now you have twins to contend with! Matching ensembles do tend to be easier to work with on busy mornings than coordinated outfits if you’re dressing babies, and can help to eliminate any arguments over who’s wearing what if your kids are a bit older. Dressing twins in matching clothes can also take the pressure off you when you’re choosing their outfits – just buy two of everything! Or, if you’d like them to be dressed similarly but not identically, why not just choose the same piece in two different colours? Here are some of our favourite Monsoon Children buys that are available in more than one colour, or go well together, making them perfect for twins.


Baby Bea Butterfly Coat and Baby Florence Frill Coat


The Baby Bea Butterfly Coat and Baby Florence Frill Coat complement each other perfectly, making them super-cute cover ups for tiny twins (and pink-loving mums!).


Baby Truth Dress


Ideal for dressing your little ones up for a special occasion, the Baby Truth Dress comes in two beautiful colours – lilac and silver. With a sequin bodice and full tulle skirt, your twins will look too cute, and people will be able to tell them apart!


Baby Niamh Cardigan


This little cardigan comes in pastel pink, ivory or gold, and is perfect for keeping little arms warm! We love the attention to detail on the flower front fastening and scallop-edge trims, and its delicate design makes it perfect for casual or party wear.


Choose colour themes

An easy and fun way to dress your twins, without matching them identically, is to choose a colour theme for each day. It’s a great idea to dress your little ones in-keeping with the seasons – we love deep reds and burnt oranges for autumn, pastels for spring, and bright yellows and whites for summer!


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