4 Quick and Easy Flower Girl Hairstyles

Playing dress up, getting pampered and walking down the aisle with the grown-ups – a wedding is an exciting day for a flower girl! On the big day, all eyes will be on your youngest bridesmaid before you walk down the aisle, so it’s important to get their look just right. When it comes to choosing the right hairstyle for her, keep in mind her individual style and personality, and match it with her flower girl dress. To make sure your little flower girl blooms brightly on your special day, here are four quick and easy flower girl hairstyles she’ll love.


1. Curls and Bows

If your little one has a mop of unruly curls, don’t spend hours straightening them out. Let her express her individuality and leave her hair natural. To help tame it a little bit, clip on an oversized bow in the same colour as her dress – she’ll love it and you will too!


2. Wrapped Side Ponytail

This is a super-easy style for girls with longer hair. Put her hair into a mid-side ponytail but leave a small section of hair loose. Once you’ve tied the ponytail into place, take the extra piece of hair and wrap it around the ponytail to hide the hair elastic, then secure it in place with a couple of bobby pins or a clip-in flower.



3. Part with a Twist

If you’re looking for an easy hairstyle that can be done in just a couple of minutes, this is the one for you. Simply put your flower girl’s hair into a parting (it doesn’t have to be perfect), and twist a section of hair on either one or both sides of her face. Next, pull the sections of hair back and secure with a clip-in flower for a cute and simple hairstyle that’s lovely enough for your little flower girl. 


4. Milk Braid

For an on-trend look, give the milk braid a try – it’s easier than it may seem! First, section her hair into two with a middle parting, before plaiting both sections to about two inches from the bottom and securing with an invisible hair elastic. Next, to create the milk braid effect, take the left braid and place it atop her head then secure with bobby pins. Repeat this step with the right side and your little flower girl will have a beautiful milk braid!


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