The Eco-Friendly Guide to Caring for Your Clothes

According to wrap, a UK charity that promotes sustainable resource use, an estimated £140million worth of clothing goes into landfill each year. Not only is it bad for your purse, but it’s bad for the planet, too.

At Monsoon, we’re keen on cutting down this stat, and one way we can do that is by taking care of our clothes, so they last longer. We teamed up with vegan eco-conscious cleaning products brand, Bio-D, to learn how to keep our clothes looking newer for longer, in our wardrobes, and out of the landfill. Plus, how to do it in a way that won’t harm the earth.

Wash less often

If you can, try and wash your clothes less often. Instead of throwing your Nala jeans, the ones that were fresh on this morning, straight into the wash basket at the end of the day, hang them up overnight and let them air out. Try and get as many wears out of your clothes as you can, before you put them through the washing machine.

If disaster strikes and you get a stain, handwash or pre-teat with our laundry liquid followed by our Laundry Bleach, then put your item in the wash at 30° with similar colours and our Concentrated Washing Powder.

Read those labels

When you absolutely must wash your clothes, read the labels! It’ll give you hints on how to wash your garment the right way and keep them looking new.

If the label says to wash inside out, do it. If it says handwash, keep it away from the washing machine!

If your clothes aren’t stained, try washing them at a temperature lower than what’s recommended on the label. It’ll save energy, prevent colours from running, and reduce the chances of your favourite t-shirt becoming a crop top.


Say goodbye to the tumble dryer!

When it’s not raining outside, it’s great to hang your clothes on a line and let the sun dry them. If the weather’s not so great, use a drying rack in the warmest room in your house.

Over-tumbling can break down the elasticity in your clothes, making them lose their shape over time. Air-drying not only means you can keep your clothes for longer but will also result in a smaller energy bill – win-win!


Even when you’re not wearing your clothes, they can be damaged by the way they’re stored. If they’re crammed into a small wardrobe, they can become discoloured, misshapen, or even mouldy!

Invest in some good-quality, wooden hangers and give your clothes some breathing space. Store out-of-season clothes folded into breathable bags, and make sure everything’s away from damp.

To prevent heavy knitwear, such as the Emily recycled polyester jumper, from stretching, fold it instead of hanging. To keep things smelling fresh, fill small cotton bags with dried flowers and herbs (think lavender, rosemary) and put them in the sleeves of your folded jumpers.

Fix the damage

Sometimes, bad things happen to good clothes, and your favourite jacket, jeans or dress gets a hole or tear. When this happens, instead of throwing them straight into the bin, try and repair the damage.

There are plenty of tailors who will repair the damage, or, you can do some research online, pick up a sewing kit, and learn how to D.I.Y. it!

My S.E.W essentials: Emily Gallagher

To celebrate our partnership with environmentally friendly, vegan cleaning company Bio-D, we asked the team’s very own eco-warrior Emily Gallagher to put together her top five picks from our brand-new eco-conscious S.E.W collection.

A stand-out dress

Midi dresses are so easy to wear and the Leonie dress has such gorgeous details, the tie waist creates a really nice silhouette. The bold pattern means you don’t need a lot of accessories either, just a pair of tan sandals or boots and you’re ready to go. What’s also great about this dress is that it’s made from LENZING™ ECOVERO™ a sustainable fabric derived from certified renewable wood sources and made using eco-responsible production methods. It generates up to 50% lower emissions and water impact than traditional viscose, contributing to a cleaner environment.

A cosy knit

Who doesn’t love a good cosy knit? The Emily jumper is made from recycled polyester that was produced from PET plastic bottles that are then formed into strings of yarn. It’s amazing what you can create from a recycled plastic bottle. Soft to the touch, it’s ideal for all seasons, and has a lovely subtle frill trim to add a little detail.

 A staple pair of jeans

What is a wardrobe without a pair of staple jeans? Dress them up with heels, dress them down with a classic white tee – there will never be a time that jeans aren’t an essential part of British style.

This pair of Azura jeans are made from sustainably sourced organic cotton, which is grown using methods and materials that are kinder to the environment. They also avoid using toxic chemicals, which makes them safer for people and wildlife!

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