The Monsoon Sustainable Pledge

We’re committed to becoming more eco-conscious, this season over 50% of our clothing is sustainably made and our long-term pledge is for this to reach 90% by 2023. If you’re striving to be more sustainable too, this eco-conscious edit is the one for you.

Here we want to highlight what fabrics we are using and how they are kinder to the environment. From organic cotton to recycled polyester, we have everything you need to make 2020 a more sustainable year for your wardrobe.


Organic Cotton

Breathable, light and soft to the touch, our organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that are kinder to the environment. It avoids toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilisers which makes production safer for people and wildlife. Our goal is that by 2023 over 98% of our cotton will be either recycled, organic or sustainably sourced. A big part of this is the eco-denim collection which makes up over 50% of our entire denim range this season.  


Eco-Friendly Viscose

When it comes to viscose, we have more than one fabric to shout about. Our sustainable viscose is made using wood from sustainable forests. We work with sustainably managed forests, that are monitored to ensure biodiversity, and regrowth is managed responsibly. In addition to this, we also have the viscose alternative LENZING™ ECOVERO™ – derived from certified renewable wood sources and made using eco-responsible production methods, it generates up to 50% lower emissions and water impact than traditional viscose. Our sustainable viscose range has increased to 65% for the spring/summer collection.


Recycled Polyester

Let’s talk about recycling. Our recycled polyester is made from PET plastic bottles which are formed into strings of yarn, before being dyed and woven together to create a soft-touch texture. 50% of the polyester in our knitwear collection is made from recycled polyester, we also use recycled polyester in other collections including denim.


Spotlight On: The Beach Collection


One of the sustainable collections we are most proud of this season is beachwear – 90% of our beach range for SS20 is sustainably made. From swimsuits to cover-ups you can make your holiday wardrobe completely eco-friendly with our edit!


Little Sustainable Things


It’s not just the women’s collection we are focusing on. This season 65% of our swimwear and 35% of our daywear for kids is sustainable – so you can match their eco-conscious wardrobe with yours!


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