Holiday Packing Guide with Elena Sandor

Packing a suitcase for trips abroad can sometimes be a tricky task. That’s why we’ve teamed up with travel blogger Eleanor Sandor, or as you may know her, so she can tell us a little more about her latest trip to Lanzarote and give us her top tips on how to pack for your next getaway. She also picks her favourite pieces from our SS20 beach collection, so knowing what to add to your suitcase just got a little bit easier too.



Where are you travelling to and what made you decide to go there?





I am travelling to Lanzarote, to a newly opened 5* hotel. It’s an adult-only concept, and it will be a short holiday to celebrate my birthday with my husband. We’re leaving our 3-year-old with family and enjoying a little bit of sun before getting back to our daily routine. 



What are your top 3 tips when packing for a trip away?


I always do my research before leaving – writing notes about the restaurants we’re going to visit, what activities are we going to do, and then pack accordingly. 


I definitely have to try on all the outfits I plan for each day, just to make sure they fit/match well with my accessories.


It’s a good idea to pack some essentials in your hand luggage, just in case your hold suitcase gets delayed.



What is your favourite piece from the Monsoon beach collection?


I absolutely adore the maxi beaded kaftan, it is such a versatile piece, taking you from the beach to lunch/dinner. The fabric is breezy and is extremely flattering. 



90% of our beach collection this season is sustainable, how important is shopping sustainably to you? Do you have a favourite eco-friendly/zero waste product you travel with?


I am getting more and more invested in sustainable fashion since we leave a negative footprint in the world with excessive consumption. I appreciate brands initiatives in launching sustainable collections, bringing consumers closer to smart shopping. When travelling, I try and bring a reusable water bottle, reusable make-up wipes and reusable straws. 



What is your must-have travel essential to pack in your suitcase?


I never leave without my power bank, earplugs and a bathing suit for a spa or the beach.


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