Fun Activities: At Home with The Kids

We know finding things to fill their days at home can be tough, so we’ve put together some fun activities to help keep them busy! From colouring sheets to dress-up sets, it’s time to get creative with Monsoon Children. Plus, there’s more to come next week, so keep an eye out for our update. 



Monsoon Children Colouring Sheets  

Entertain the kids with our colouring in sheets! Created by our graphic design team from home, they include rainbows, unicorns and farm animals – perfect for staying creative and adding to your window. 

Monsoon Children Colouring In  



Make Your Own Playdough 

We got together with our good friend @OakTreeHome, to share with you her beautiful pastel rainbow playdough – fun for the whole family you can create it in 4 easy steps: 


  • Step 1: Make a batch of playdough (click here for the best ever no-cook playdough) and split into 3 


  • Step 2: Colour one pink, one pale blue and one lemon – these are your pastel primary colours 

  • Step 3: Next mix a blob of pink and a blob of blue = lilac, then mix a blob of lemon and blue = mint green, and finally a blob of lemon and pink = peach. These are our secondary colours 


  • Step 4: Tah dah, you’ll have your pastel rainbow playdough (add glitter if you like!) 



Play Dress Up 

Dressing up is always fun! Discover new sparkly tutus, floral fairy wings and colourful unicorn horns that’ll keep their imaginations alive. Click here to shop. 


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