Ashoka: Designer Q&A


We are so proud of our Ashoka collection, a range of handcrafted pieces featuring beautiful prints from our archive and made with sustainable fabrics – it is one of a kind. To tell you more about how this collection was created with spoke to Caroline, our Head of Design, to find out more about it! 


How did you develop the idea for Ashoka? What was the inspiration behind the collection? 

We wanted to develop a range which celebrated craft and the incredible artisans that we have worked with for so many years, while using modern styles and colours. 

This collection includes heritage prints, sustainable fabrics and artisanal techniques, three things really key to Monsoon, how important is it to continue to combine these within future collections? 

Really important! I think these messages resonate well with the brand, and we will continue to reference these three pillars every season whether it’s through beach or casual or occasion. 



When designing a collection what are the main things you consider to make sure you create something as beautiful as Ashoka? 

Colour, pattern and texture – while also always trying to find ways to make a garment contemporary but timeless. 

Can you tell us a little more about how the prints are designed by your team and created by the artisans for this collection? 

We look at what techniques we want to use, like batik or woodblock, then research what colours we think will work as a collection and find inspiration for this technique. For instance, batik has a very specific look, so we wanted to make it feminine with this beautiful pattern and patching the panels to create intracity. With the Blake red woodblock dress, we loved the flash of pink that created unexpected colour harmonies – it didn’t feel too traditional and we were excited with how it came out!   


What is your standout piece from this collection and why?  

The Blake woodblock dress encapsulates everything for me right now. Optimism, sustainability, versatility, all with natural comfort and a style that you will revisit for years to come. 


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