How to At Home: Wardrobe Clear-Out


Spending so much time at home has us looking for projects to keep us busy. One always on our to-do list is a wardrobe clear-out, and now is the perfect time! It can be hard to know where to get started, so we’ve put a step-by-step guide together to help.



Step 1

Condense! It sounds simple, but with so much to go through it can be a lengthy process. We suggest taking everything out and putting it into three piles – yes, no or maybe. You can then decide whether you want to recycle, donate or sell your unwanted clothes. Read more about our Clothes for Life initiative, where you can donate unwanted clothes via Monsoon. You may also want to consider putting unseasonal pieces into storage boxes, to make more room in your wardrobe for what you are wearing now.



Step 2

Group your clothing into sections, for example, t-shirts to blouses to dresses to trousers. Then you can organise by colour, making it easier to locate your items, but also to make it look aesthetically pleasing!


Step 3

Storing clothes so they last the test of time is so important. For example, folding your jumpers as they will stretch out on hangers, using space-saving hangers if you have a small space and using cute baskets for storing small accessories, so they don’t go missing when you need them most!



Step 4

Get ready for DIY! Another way to save space is to utilise the inside of your wardrobe, fix hooks to hang up jewellery, sunhats, belts and bags. Or small wire baskets to hold sunglasses!



Step 5

Last but not least, introduce a one-in, one-out policy. It will help prevent hoarding, and also overspending – knowing you’ve got to get rid of something may make you think twice!


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