Lucy Bennett: 5 Stay-At-Home Wellbeing Tips

All this time indoors can take its toll on your mental wellbeing and make you feel a little less productive. We spoke to the beautiful curve model and influencer Lucy Bennett, to get her top 5 tips to help you manage your time at home and keep your mental wellbeing in check!


Make a List

When you sit down in the morning with your cuppa make yourself a to-do list. It just gives your day a little bit of structure even if it’s little things like – make the bed, go for a walk or do your washing.


Rediscover a Hobby

Get back into a hobby you might have let slide when you were busier. We’ve got all the time in the world! So, get back into something that will make you feel good – for me it’s yoga!



Take It One Day at a Time

Take each day as it comes, and don’t worry about future weeks. We have no control over what is going to happen, so just live in the present and try to get by with taking each day as it comes. This is something I’ve been trying very hard to do.


Dress up

Every so often get yourself ready as if you’re going out. Get yourself glammed up, put your lippy on and paint your whole face. Why you ask? Why not. Even if it’s to video chat your friends, it gives you that little boost and makes you feel as if things are normal.



Don’t Pressure Yourself

Keep reminding yourself that what you are doing to get through this time is enough. You DO NOT have to come out of this with a new skill or new body. Do not feel any pressure from what others are doing. What you are doing is enough.


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