A Happy Wardrobe with Clothes Doctor

We’ve teamed up with clothing care brand Clothes Doctor, to help you achieve a wardrobe that makes you happy and extends the life of your favourite pieces. Get ready for their top tips!


Wardrobe Review


Clothes Doctor’s first tip for kick-starting your wardrobe detox is to pull everything out from your wardrobe and review what you have already. Ask yourself, when did you last wear each item? Or take the Marie Kondo approach and ask yourself whether the item sparks joy. If not why, why not?

If you’re looking for more tips for your wardrobe detox, check out our dedicated blog post!


Eco Clean


It sounds simple but Clothes Doctor’s golden rule for any wardrobe detox is to make sure your garments are clean at all times. They may look clean, but you’d be surprised how easily any food, hair, skin particles and toxins can attach themselves and cause damage.

According to Fashion Revolution, up to 25% of each garment’s carbon footprint comes from how we wash and care for our clothes. So, keep your cleaning eco by hand washing instead of dry cleaning where you can and using eco-friendly locally sourced products – Clothes Doctor has just the thing! 




Sometimes our clothes need a little extra care and attention. Show your older clothes some love with repairs, alterations and restyling. We teamed up with Clothes Doctor for a mending tutorial, featuring sequins! 

Discover how you can keep those stunning sequin styles in your wardrobe for longer on their website.


Swap, Donate, Recycle


Now what to do with your ‘to go’ pile? Clothes Doctor stresses the importance of these not ending up in landfill, so suggests storing them away for now. For the future, clothes swaps, donating to charity or taking them to be recycled are all great ways to say goodbye.

At Monsoon we have a Clothes for Life initiative, where you can recycle your unwanted clothes with us in exchange for £10 off your next purchase. So you can visit us in store once we reopen to drop off anything in your ‘to go’ pile! 




Last but not least, restoring your wardrobe. Starting with a clean, cool, dark, dry space to keep your clothes protected, it is a good idea to invest in decent wooden hangers and to not overfill your wardrobe to give your clothes room to breathe!



Want more tips from Clothes Doctor? Visit their website, you can also shop their handy mending kit for all your repairs. Happy spring cleaning!