Half Term Activities: At Home with The Kids


The sun is out, and half term is approaching! Keep them active and smiling with activities created by us and suggested by some of our mummy blogger friends, from garden bingo to smoothie making.


Summer Bunting


Decorate your garden with our downloadable ice lolly bunting, surrounding you on garden adventures and picnics this half term and designed by our in-house design team.

Download here >


Lolly Colouring Sheets


You can’t go wrong with a little colouring. We’re keeping it summery with our ice lolly and ice cream inspired sheets for you to download – all designed in-house!

Download here >


Garden Bingo


Bingo! Explore your garden with our in-house designed garden bingo game, perfect for keeping them busy in the sunshine.

Download here >


Garden Fun & Games with @oaktreehome


Looking for easy games to play at home? @oaktreehome has just the thing! Using old egg boxes, you can paint each section a different colour and head to the garden to match each colour with things you find – hours of fun and one you can use again and again.


Flower Crown Making with @the.little.wildflowers


When we saw @the.little.wildflowers with this adorable flower crown we fell in love and had to ask how to make our own. We thought we’d share it with you too, perfect for half term dressing up this summer.

Items needed:


Floral tape/wire



  1. Forage your wildflowers – we used cow parsley, buttercups, herb robert, elder & hawthorn blossom.
  2. Measure the size of the crown
  3. Wrap the wire into a circle shape and secure with floral tape
  4. Start by wrapping the wildflowers around the wire working your way around, until covered. Securing each section with tape.
  5. Continue to build on the last layer with different flowers & foliage, taping them in place as you go. The wilder and looser the better!
  6. Pop in the little flowers to add some colour.
  7. Wear your crown with a pretty dress!


Fruit Smoothie Making with @ahomefitforkings


We spoke to @ahomefitforkings to find out what they are spending time making in the kitchen, a favourite in their house is smoothies which are perfect for summer! See some of the recipes they’ve been using below:

Creamy Mango Smoothie

1 banana, half a chopped mango, chia seeds, a big dollop of Greek yoghurt, a splash of coconut water and some ice, then blitz. It’s so thick and feels like a real treat!

Sunny Smoothie

This one has lots of vitamin C and some hidden veg. Use 2 med carrots chopped, 2 oranges (peeled) a small piece of ginger, 2 tbsp oats and some ice and blitz! 

Raspberry and Apple Smoothie

2 cored apples, a handful of raspberries, a couple of big spoonfuls of Greek yoghurt, 2 tbsp oats, a sprinkle chia seeds and some water. A spoonful of nut butter is also nice with this. 


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