Staying Happy at Home with Naomi Robertson


I’ve been asked how this time at home has impacted my life. I have been affected in many ways which I will do my best to explain. Initially nervous. We all needed to adapt very quickly to a new regime not just work but also my family.

Working from home isn’t something we really did, and I wasn’t sure how it would work. There were more questions than answers that we were having to resolve literally on the hoof! Quickly and efficiently.

How were we all going to communicate with each other? Like properly?  We needed to get it right, like immediately and quickly at the same time we were grappling with a new environment at work and mentally trying to understand the new world outside our front doors.

It turns out, I feel, we have adapted at lightning speed – become quicker, slicker, more efficient and massively joined up as a team. This came as a huge and very welcome surprise.

There’s no travel time, so I can squeeze a quick boot-camp and 5k run, meal planning with my husband, a handful of simultaneous equations with my 13-year-old all before I grab a quick cuppa and still hit the ground running at 8ish with a full day of zoom calls with my amazing team.

I can’t even remember what discussions I had with friends before this time indoors, but I definitely don’t remember swapping Martini recipes. Banana Martinis, given to me by my very clever friend, have now become a thing, although not so clever the next day and now I can’t even look at another banana.



Now we discuss at length what we will do differently on the other side. Be better people, be healthy and strong, cherish your friends and family, continue to support the environment.

What’s the new ‘normal? Is now the new normal? Or is the new normal everything we now long for or aspire to be when we go back to the old normal?

We are probably more connected to our families and friends now than ever before even if we aren’t on zoom calls all the time they are in our thoughts and hearts in this difficult, strange and unknown time.

I am LOVING being with my family, this strange gift has landed in the house which is called ‘time’.  The diary has been whitewashed. No one is dashing off to an event, work, pub, fun suppers, cricket matches, hockey, play dates,

festivals, marathon training!  Seeing it as time we have been gifted to spend together as a family. I always think something good comes out of something bad and this is my ‘pandemic positive’!

I went into this asking myself what all the fuss was about? But now every day has made me understand how seriously we need to take it.  Everyone is exposed, our loved ones are exposed. I’ve never loved my 13-year-old son more and I couldn’t be happier being holed up with the most loving husband of 22 years.

We need to respect the rules. Even if you feel fine.

Do it for them x


Naomi’s Drink Recipes

Naomi has been trying new and exciting drink recipes, courtesy of her good friend the co-founder of Wahaca, Thomasina Miers, so you know they’ll be the perfect recipes for sharing with your friends on your next video call.


Tommi’s Banana Flower Frozen Margarita


Elderflower season is nearly upon us and its flavour goes beautifully in this surprisingly light and delicate-tasting margarita.  Use up bananas that look as if they are going to turn by peeling them when just going brown and freezing in slices. They are perfect for throwing into the blender with the rest of the ingredients below. Perfect for getting an at-home disco started…


Makes 2

Method: blend

Glass: Martini or champagne coupe glass



150g frozen banana

85ml 100% agave unaged (blanco) tequila

25ml triple sec

30ml elderflower

30ml fresh lime

3 handfuls of ice


Blitz the bananas and ice together.  Pour in the rest of the ingredients and blitz until smooth.  Pour into two frozen margarita/martini glasses and drink with a teaspoon or paper straw!


Rosé Sangria with Ginger & Mint


With the sun shining so beautifully it feels like the whole country is about to go rosé mad. This light take on a more traditional sangria, blushed pink with rose wine and given a deliciously fiery lift with its ginger and mint syrup should do the honours nicely, a refreshing aperitif to sip on your doorstep, windowsill, or any other place where you can get a glimpse of the late evening sun.  Steep with raspberries and cucumber and bask in it.


Makes 2

Method: stir

Glass: high ball


300ml rosé

30ml brandy

40ml freshly squeezed lemon juice

4 tbsp mint-ginger syrup (see below)

Fizzy water to top


For the mint-ginger syrup

100g water

100g sugar

50g very thinly sliced ginger

A handful of torn mint leaves

The zest of a lemon


To garnish

A handful of raspberries

Slices of cucumber

Mint sprigs


To make the syrup put all the ingredients in a small pan and bring to a simmer.  Turn the heat down and stir until the sugar has dissolved.  Turn off the heat and leave to cool. Refrigerate until needed. You can make this the night before if you like.

To make the cocktail slice thin rounds of cucumber and put into a jug with the raspberries and mint. Pour in the wine, brandy, lemon juice and syrup and fill with ice. Drink in the early evening sun.


Naomi’s Monsoon Playlist


Naomi also made a playlist for you to enjoy! Get ready for your Friday night zoom or have it on in the background when getting away from screens for a while, with this dance inspired playlist.

Listen now >