Monsoon Motivation: Simone Charles

With summer’s arrival, we wanted everyone to know that your summer body is your body now (and it’s perfect). We wanted to encourage you to take this time to focus on self-love, so we’ve collaborated with @simonecharles_  to discuss all things body positivity and what her mum taught her about loving herself.

 Tell us a little bit about you?

Hello! My name is Simone Charles, I am a model, content creator and I also work full time in influencer marketing. My two jobs play into each other perfectly as my life is fully immersed in social media! I was born and raised in London and I absolutely love living in the big city. There’s always something to see and do – there are parts in London I still haven’t explored!


What has your journey to body confidence been like?

Despite what you may see on my Instagram – my journey to body confidence is not over! To this day, I am still striving to feel confident about my body even on those days I don’t feel like it. My journey to body confidence started with my modelling career – once I realised that people were interested in seeing my body with all its rolls, dimples and scars I started to think “Maybe this isn’t so bad!”. The parts I used to hide became the parts I celebrated. I started to realise that the way I felt about my own body was completely within my control and it was the negative reinforcements I was seeing in the media that shaped that narrative. Once I became aware of this and started to think consciously about it, I started to have a much better relationship with my body.  

What did your mum teach you about body confidence?

From a young age, my Mum always told me I was beautiful. Not only beautiful, but she told me I was strong, powerful, intelligent and I could achieve anything I put my mind to. Those positive reinforcements were embedded deep into my DNA which helped shape the way I approached life. She told me to hold my head high and be your own ’Sasha Fierce’. Although not directly related to my body, she always made me feel invincible which only really clicked when I started my modelling career and I realised that I am in control of my own life and that includes my approach to my body. More practically, she gave me great fashion advice. She’s could tell in a heartbeat when I didn’t feel comfortable in an outfit and told me exactly what I needed to do so I would feel fabulous!

What is your top tip to body confidence?

Find that one outfit that makes you feel like the queen of the world – whether it’s a beautiful dress or a figure-hugging jumpsuit. Have that one outfit you can turn to in your wardrobe time and time again when you want to feel amazing.

What is your favourite aspirational quote to keep you motivated?

“No one is you, and that is your power”. This is my favourite quote because it’s so true and relevant across so many industries. There are a likely million plus size models out there – but no one has walked the same path I have which means I have something unique to offer. It reminds me to stay in my own lane and focus on myself – don’t worry about what everyone else is doing!

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