Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy



The summer holiday break is coming to an end, if you’re looking for ways to spend your last couple of weeks, we have just the thing! It’s easy peasy, lemon squeezy with fun activities you can do from home.


Colouring sheets & bunting



We’ve created some lemon inspired colouring sheets and bunting for them to get creative at home – download them below!

Download here


Make (actual) lemonade



What’s better than a fresh lemonade recipe on a warm summer’s day? Make your own at home, it’s super easy!

View recipe here 


How to Make A Lemon Pinata


Keep them entertained for hours making their own pinata! Once you’re finished, you’ll then have all the fun of opening it up too.


Materials you need:

  • Newspaper, scrap bits of paper
  • Paper mache mixture or alternatively you can use PVA glue
  • A balloon
  • Yellow crepe Paper
  • Green card
  • String
  • Cardboard

How to make: 

  • Create the paper mache mixture, stir until you get it into a thick paste.


  • Blow up the balloon and paste lots of layers of the paper mache mixture and paper on top of the balloon. Do about 7 – 8 layers.


  • You may need to wait a few days for the paper mache to dry and go hard.


  • Once you have a hard cast of the balloon, pop the balloon and put the sweets in the small hole left by the balloon end. If you need to make it slightly bigger to fit the sweets in, use scissors to make a slightly larger incision, be careful not to make it too large.


  • When you have filled your cast with sweets, cut a circle out of cardboard (size needs to be a little bigger than the hole in your case. Puncture a small hole in the middle of the cardboard and feed the string through tying a knot at one end.


  • Gently bend the cardboard to fit into the hole (putting it in with the knot side of the cardboard inserted into the hole) and the rest of the string outside of the cast.


  • Pull the string up to ensure the piece of cardboard is held securely at the base of the hole and then sellotape around the hole to keep the cardboard in place.


  • Then you need to take your crepe paper (a border roll of it might be easier, like one I’ve used) or equally you can just cut rows of it.


  • Then make incisions along each row, so that it looks like pleats and using a glue stick, stick the rows of crepe paper around the cast, until it is fully covered.


  • Taking your two pieces of green card, draw and cut out an oval, leaf shape and then stick onto the cast using sellotape.


  • Once complete you can hang your lemon pinata in a place of your choosing (as long as it’s secure) and then blindfold the person who is going to hit the pinata.


  • You can use a rolling pin, end of a broom or strong stick to bash the pinata with. Keep hitting the pinata until the sweets coming tumbling out.


  • And there you have it! You’re very own lemon pinata