Tackling Anxiety with Jude Daunt


Jude Daunt, a Transformational Success Coach, specialises in helping clients to eliminate anxiety and mental blocks. We spoke to her and asked her to share some tips to help you reduce anxious thoughts during this difficult time when anxiety seems to be at an all-time high. She gave us five tips that we’ve listed below, or you can see via our Instagram account in a video from Jude herself.


Tip 1
Stay in the now

Anxiety can really make up a narrative about what may happen in the future the what if’s I like to call them. Bring yourself into the now and ask yourself, what can I control and what can I do right now that is going to make a difference.


Tip 2
Sit in the discomfort

Anxiety can show up as physical symptoms, tight chest, tense muscles and in worse cases panic attacks. This is your body activating its fight-or-flight response, the system that’s going to keep you alive. It fears something and gives you physical symptoms to warn you of danger. Unfortunately, this response can cause you to push back from the discomfort and try to ignore your thoughts then all you do is focus on the physical pain it is causing. Try sitting in the discomfort of those thoughts. This is where tip 3 comes in…


Tip 3

Something I work a lot on with my clients is to get them to acknowledge the physical symptoms and then for them to ask themselves what are the actual thoughts going on for you right now. If you were to write a list and this really helps if you physically do this. Write down all your fears and concerns.



Tip 4
Question the thoughts

Write down all those intrusive thoughts and ask yourself which of these are true as in factually correct and which ones are fear-based with no evidence to support them? The factual ones you can start working through and look at what you can do to control/problem-solve. So, for example, if you have been given redundancy notice then what can you start doing to look for work, evaluate transferable skills, prepare you CV, let everyone know you are actively looking for work etc. For the ones that are not true draw a line through these to physically and mentally let these go.


Tip 5

What are the top 5 things you can action this week that is going to make the biggest impact. Mood follows action. When we are feeling low and anxious it can be hard to change your mind with your mind, but if you can change it with physical appropriate action it creates a sense of achievement, energy is lifted, and anxiety is automatically reduced.

Lastly, when we are stressed, we tend to forget the coping mechanisms that we use when we are in a good place. Eating healthy, exercise, meeting up with friends etc, reading a good book. Little pockets of the good stuff will add up to making a big difference if we do what serves us.


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Our New Normal: Bloggers Q&A

Getting back to ‘normal’ or our ‘new normal’ can be exciting but also a little overwhelming. We spoke to some of our blogger friends to find out how they have dealt with life after lockdown and what they’ve learnt from their time indoors.


How have the last few months been for you in lockdown? Can you tell us anything you’ve done or learnt with your time at home that you think will stick with you?

Living on a farm it has pretty much been business as usual here – with the usual hustle and bustle of daily activity carrying on. However, not being able to see my family was hard! I had never been so long without seeing them and it certainly made me realise how precious time is with those you love! I also made me appreciate our health and how lucky we are to be well. Life isn’t to be taken for granted!


Now that things are opening up again, how have you been spending your time outside (or inside)?

I really didn’t realise how much I enjoyed the freedom to go out to eat and travel until lockdown! As soon as we were able, I booked a trip to the coast and we had our first drink in a pub whilst there – I had really missed the smell of a pub! Living in the Cotswolds it’s been great seeing businesses reopen and holidaymakers being able to enjoy our beautiful surroundings too!


How has your wardrobe changed during this time indoors? Can you tell us about the favourite Monsoon pieces you’ve been wearing?

 During lockdown, I actually dressed up more! I explored my own personal style and started to wear more of what I love! My main goal when choosing clothes for the day is comfort and style – the spot print midi dress and floral print mini dress have quickly become firm favourites for this very reason! I also love to incorporate colour and floral prints as they make me feel happy – the faith floral print satin dress is exactly that! I have also become more eco-conscious when choosing my clothing and I have been so pleased to see Monsoon using organic cotton and sustainable viscose in lots of their clothing!



How have the last few months been for you in lockdown? Can you tell us anything you’ve done or learnt with your time at home that you think will stick with you?


I worked throughout lockdown, the company I work for is classed as a key worker within the manufacturing business, so my experience is slightly different. I have to admit that at first, it was really difficult having to go into the office, I felt nervous and unsure. The weekends were wonderful, I loved being at home, not having to go anywhere and being with my family. It was just a wonderful experience of us hanging out together and enjoying each other’s company and appreciating the small things and discovering a love of gardening. I have big plans for next year now!


Now that things are opening up again, how have you been spending your time outside (or inside)?


I do love a good a mooch around town to be able to do that again is great, but the joy of gardening still has me hooked.


How has your wardrobe changed during this time indoors? Can you tell us about the favourite Monsoon pieces you’ve been wearing?


 My wardrobe is my obsession! I love creating new styles and dressing for the day (I’m not one for staying in PJs all day). Monsoon has had so many gorgeous clothes this season, a few of my favourites have been the Paris Dress, this is such a beautiful piece to own, come the autumnal months I’ll be pairing with a cardi and either biker boots or heeled ones.

Another firm favourite is the Spot Print Blouse (this also comes in a dress version) it is so stylish, so simple and such a classic. I love wearing this with neutral trousers and either flats or heels, and it has been worn on repeat.




How have the last few months been for you in lockdown? Can you tell us anything you’ve done or learnt with your time at home that you think will stick with you?

Lockdown started with my husband and I working from home. We also had a three your old to entertain and an eight-year-old to home school at the same time. There were good and bad days as you can imagine but we survived! It was a big juggle at times, but we didn’t miss an assignment and it kept Edie busy which was a great help.

During my time at home, I managed to complete several additional marketing training courses and achieved a certification too. I’ve certainly learnt to enjoy the simple things in life, you don’t need to go out all the time. It’s about finding ways to have fun at home together, from playing cops and robbers to making an assault course in the garden, we had so much fun. I certainly appreciate my home much more too; we had our garden totally relandscaped before lockdown. It made such a difference, I then finally managed to take up gardening! We now have some gorgeous flowers and a wisteria growing up the pergola, I’m feeling very proud.

Now that things are opening up again, how have you been spending your time outside (or inside)?

We went on a fantastic summer break to our family holiday home in Bournemouth for a couple of weeks. It was so good to have a change of scenery and the children both loved some time on the beach too. We crammed in as many activities as possible, crabbing, boat trips and even a visit to Legoland in Windsor! And the best part, it was hot and sunny!

Since being back home, we’ve had a few garden picnics with friends and family which has been lovely. However, the weather has turned now, and it suddenly feels like Autumn. So, lots of time spent indoors recently, mostly watching series on Netflix and writing new blog content for my website.

3. How has your wardrobe changed during this time indoors? Can you tell us about the favourite Monsoon pieces you’ve been wearing?

I’ve always loved dresses! I know some people’s wardrobes really changed due to lockdown but because the weather was so gorgeous, I still wore all of my key summer pieces even if no one else got to see them! So, I wouldn’t say my wardrobe changed so much, I embraced life and still dressed up most days. I have been wearing some gorgeous Monsoon dresses, I find them so easy to throw on and style differently. These will also see me through to Autumn, with a jacket and trainers they are perfect transitional pieces.

Here are just a few of my favourite pieces …





How have the last few months been for you in lockdown? Can you tell us anything you’ve done or learnt with your time at home that you think will stick with you?  

We have really cherished the time spent with our 3 boys, we’ve spent lots of time outdoors, in the garden but also in the local woods and parks, building dens and going on long walks in the beautiful countryside near where we live.


Now that things are opening up again, how have you been spending your time outside (or inside)? 

We’ve ventured further afield now we have been allowed to and have recently enjoyed a break to North Wales where my in-laws have a place. This has been a great break away from home after almost 6 months in lockdown!

We’ve also eaten out locally as a family supporting small businesses where we can. I’ve not yet ventured to the high street; I’ve preferred to shop online where I can.


How has your wardrobe changed during this time indoors? Can you tell us about the favourite Monsoon pieces you’ve been wearing? 

Wardrobe wise mine has stayed relatively the same. My go-to style is a midi dress, usually in a print with flats for a relaxed comfortable vibe.

My favourite Monsoon pieces have been the Pearl & Romana dresses, both of which can be styled up or down. Perfect for a busy mother of 3 like myself!


Monsoon Monthly: September Edition


We’ve been off for a few months but Monsoon Monthly is back. As things start to reopen, this September edition wants to inspire you with things you can do both at home and socially distanced! From music playlists to trips to Kew Gardens, enjoy our edit.

As we transition from summer to autumn, we have been inspired by all those in-between days. The re-emergence of the paisley prints has become a favourite of ours and really influenced our in-house designers, taking the lead from vintage designs.

Shop new in >


Kew Gardens have opened their doors to the public, book an appointment before they fill up, for some real time amongst nature!


As you know, artisan textiles are our thing. So, we’re excited about the V&A’s much-anticipated Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk exhibition online! Now you can visit one of the most loved museums from the comfort of your sofa.


As things start to reopen, we still want to remember to spend some time relaxing. Artist & Talent Relations Manager for Global, James McCaul, put together a playlist of his favourite voices for us to listen to while spending time at home – check it out!


That’s right, London Fashion Week is going ahead, but not quite as you know it. This season there will be three sections, digital, physical or both! Alongside the show, the digital LFW platform will be hosting exclusive content from designers. Read more about it on their website.


Back to School: Blogger Q&A

The last few weeks for parents have all been getting their kids back-to-school ready! We spoke to some of mummy blogger friends to find out how they have dealt with getting their kids ready for school and what they’ve learnt from their time indoors.




How have the last few months been for you in lockdown? Can you tell us anything you’ve done or learnt with your time at home with the kids? 

We have been very fortunate as I’m a teacher I taught key worker children one day a week and set online work for the rest of my class. I was able to be at home with Matilda and had valuable time with her which I will be eternally grateful for! I did learn to bake a successful sponge cake – when I was able to get my hands-on flour! 


How are you feeling about the kids being back to school? How have you prepared?

I’m looking forward to Matilda to start nursery (preschool) she is so ready for it. We have got all of her uniform ready and I’ve sewn embroidered labels in (I love a personal touch). 

Over lockdown, I’ve been teaching her phonics and she has started writing her name – poor child having a mum who is a teacher!  

I’m a people person also known as a ‘gabby Annie’ in Liverpool! I couldn’t wait to get back with my class and fellow teachers for a good old face-to-face natter!


Are you feeling back-to-school wardrobe ready? What are your favourite Monsoon pieces from the new kids’ collection? 

We both have a back-to-school wardrobe ready – autumn is my favourite season. Monsoon’s children’s coats are stunning this season! I adore the navy skirted coat for Matilda for school. I also love the baby bow coat in camel! 




How have the last few months been for you in lockdown? Can you tell us anything you’ve done or learnt with your time at home with the kids? 

The hardest thing about lockdown has been not seeing my family as they live in a different country. We managed to see them for a short weekend which was a huge blessing. 

On the plus side, we’ve spent a lot of time out and about in the countryside and Flo started to enjoy and share our love for walks. We found it quite exciting finding places with hardly anyone around and really appreciated our surroundings. 

During lockdown we definitely did lots of baking and our firm family favourite was the banana bread. 

We tried to keep as busy and leave the house every day if possible. I learned that it definitely helped to lift the spirits and our wellbeing. Flo was less restless and happier being out and about and so were we. 

It was also incredible to see how resilient and easily adaptable children are. Flo understood a lot about the virus, remembered to wash her hands and talked a lot about exciting things we were going to do when it goes away. 

When the time came that she had to go back to nursery, she took it in her stride and absolutely loved being back. Couldn’t be anymore prouder of her! 


How are you feeling about the kids being back to school? How have you prepared?

Although Flo has been already back at nursery for the past few weeks, she will be picking up more days from September. I’ll miss having her with me at home, our girly time together, however I’m excited for her because she loves playing with other children, going to forest school and exploring new things. I’m sure she will love it!  


Are you feeling back-to-school wardrobe ready? What are your favourite Monsoon pieces from the new kids’ collection? 

It feels so autumnal right now (probably because of all the rain we’ve been having here in Yorkshire) that I’ve been looking at some warmer pieces for Flo. I’ve been absolutely obsessed with the Navy Swing Coat with Bee Brooch. Just adore the traditional look! Such a classic and timeless piece.


Holiday Wardrobe with Simone Oaks


When we heard one of our favourite bloggers Simone Oaks was taking a trip away, we wanted to hear all about it. From the wardrobe to how things have changed when it comes to planning a holiday as things reopen, get inspired for all your future plans!


Tell us a little about your trip away?

We love rural France as we live in rural North Yorkshire so it is like home from home – with a French twist! We drove this time which was a new experience for us as a family, but it meant we could go at our own pace and I could pack more clothes! We actually preferred it and will travel by car for any future trips.

We stayed in the Charente region in a very small village just outside a town called Aubeterre which is so peaceful. We visited the historic city of Saint-Émilion which is one of my favourite places with its narrow streets, Roman ruins and surrounding vineyards. We enjoyed getting outdoors and spending days swimming in local rivers and visiting lakes with beaches. We ended our holiday in the seaside town, Le Pouliguen which was my favourite part of the holiday as I am at my happiest by the sea.



Can you tell us a little about the Monsoon pieces you picked for your trip?

I am an advocate for a staple wardrobe; one you can enjoy year after year. I love French fashion; the textures, the fabrics, the art of perfect layering and the loose fit you often associate with French styling. The pieces I chose from Monsoon tick all of these boxes.

Carletta Jumpsuit

The pure linen and loose-fitting was perfect for sightseeing in Saint-Émilion. It has pockets and the culottes style fit gives it a stylish twist.

S.E.W Sustainable Dress Checked Dress

I bought this dress in a beautiful coral red last season and it is still like new. It is a timeless cut and the gingham print and cinched waistline creates a flattering silhouette.

Denim Midi Dress

A denim dress is a wardrobe must-have and the Tencel fabric of this dress makes it very comfortable to wear. The puff sleeve is a trend which is set to stay, and the subtle sleeve detailing of this dress is beautiful. Plus, it is created using sustainable fabrics!

Pi Poplin Jersey Blouse

I have worn this on repeat! It has become a key transitional piece and can be worn with high-waisted jeans for a casual look or with formal trousers and heels for an evening look.

Wren Wooden Bead Tote bag

This bag is so versatile, and the inner bag means you can safely hold all your handbag essentials. It hangs beautifully in my bedroom amongst my hat collection. Fact, you can never have too many basket bags and hats!

Kaftan Dress

The perfect holiday cover-up and the elasticated waist ensures it stays in place. I love the pom-pom detail and it looks fabulous over a pair of jeans.


What is your favourite Monsoon piece and why?

The Dolly Schiffli midi dress is my favourite dress from the collection I chose. The shape and cut are flattering on all shapes and figures. The tie detail and longer sleeve make it so comfy to wear and flattering on the arms. The lace fabric is beautifully feminine, and the lining makes it comfortable to wear.



What are your top tips for preparing for going away? How have these changed for you this year?

We did not expect to be able to go abroad this year and decided to cancel our flights and opt for driving. We researched into safe places we could stop during our journey, I packed various picnics, so we did not have to stop for food, and we bought a toll censor for the car, so we did not have to stop to pay by cash. We only booked things we could cancel and receive a full refund for (where possible), we ensured our travel insurance was up to date and had all the cover we needed etc.

We have booked a staycation for the October half term and if this year has taught us anything it is to be grateful for where we get to call home. We are looking at new ways to explore what we have on our doorstep.


How have you found getting back to some sort of normality? Is there anything from your time indoors that you’ve learnt and think will stick with you?

The snippets of normality have been so welcomed, haven’t they? I don’t think I will feel it fully until the children go back to school and I do a normal workday (what is one of those?!). We have learnt to juggle and to be kind to ourselves, we can only do what we can. That is good enough. I have definitely taken more pleasure from the simple things that life has to offer, and in fact, these are pretty big things: a relaxing hot bath, finding my love for reading again, family film nights and just adopting a slower pace of life.

The Lady Garden Foundation & Monsoon: Q&A with Chloe Delevingne


This Gynaecological Cancer Month we are relaunching our beautiful Lady Garden collaboration. With everything going on this year we felt we weren’t able to shout loud enough about this amazing collection and cause, so we want to shout about it even louder this time! We’ve donated £9,000 to the charity to help them fight gynaecological cancer and created this capsule collection to raise awareness.

To go alongside the relaunch, we wanted to tell you more about the charity, so we spoke to Chloe Delevingne, who co-founded the foundation in 2014, to see what inspired her. All photos were taken at the beginning of the year at our Lady Garden event.


How and why was The Lady Garden Foundation founded?

The foundation was founded in 2014 by Jenny and I, alongside other women who have all been either directly or indirectly affected by gynaecological cancers. We built the charity to not only change the future of female health but also the way we talk about it too. We believed there needed to be a new approach to raising awareness of the different gynaecological cancers, and we have various initiatives throughout the year to do this. So far, we have donated £1m for gynaecological cancer research and treatment at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust and are now part of the President’s Circle, presided over by the Duke of Cambridge, that recognises exceptional philanthropic support.



What are the foundations’ missions?

There is such a taboo on the subject of women’s sexual health that it is important to us to make it our mission to change the way we talk about it. We work hard on raising awareness on female health and the five gynaecological cancers: ovarian, vulval, vaginal, cervical and womb – often referred to as the ‘Silent Killers’ due to the low awareness of early symptom signs. People often do not know there are 5 different gynaecological cancers, and we need to spread the word. For example, a smear test will not pick up all of the cancers and it is important that women know this.


Why is this cause so important to you?

 Understanding the symptoms of the cancers will save so many women’s lives. By the time a diagnosis is made, the cancer can be advanced and therefore, the chances of survival are far lower, with an average mortality rate of 44%. 




Why was it important to partner with Monsoon?

We are so proud to be partnering with Monsoon, a brand known for its beautiful, feminine prints and clothing. Monsoon feels strongly about supporting charities, projects and causes which empower women and encourages awareness driving initiatives. They have designed a gorgeous limited-edition collection which will help us reach an even wider audience thus increasing the awareness of the cancers that affect so many women.



What funds will be raised and where might they go?

Monsoon have generously donated £9,000 to the foundation from this partnership which will go to The Royal Marsden and more research into gynaecological cancers. Hopefully, those that purchase these items will be inspired to talk more to their friends or family about their health and overall increase the conversation and ultimately, the survival rates.


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