The Lady Garden Foundation & Monsoon: Q&A with Chloe Delevingne


This Gynaecological Cancer Month we are relaunching our beautiful Lady Garden collaboration. With everything going on this year we felt we weren’t able to shout loud enough about this amazing collection and cause, so we want to shout about it even louder this time! We’ve donated £9,000 to the charity to help them fight gynaecological cancer and created this capsule collection to raise awareness.

To go alongside the relaunch, we wanted to tell you more about the charity, so we spoke to Chloe Delevingne, who co-founded the foundation in 2014, to see what inspired her. All photos were taken at the beginning of the year at our Lady Garden event.


How and why was The Lady Garden Foundation founded?

The foundation was founded in 2014 by Jenny and I, alongside other women who have all been either directly or indirectly affected by gynaecological cancers. We built the charity to not only change the future of female health but also the way we talk about it too. We believed there needed to be a new approach to raising awareness of the different gynaecological cancers, and we have various initiatives throughout the year to do this. So far, we have donated £1m for gynaecological cancer research and treatment at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust and are now part of the President’s Circle, presided over by the Duke of Cambridge, that recognises exceptional philanthropic support.



What are the foundations’ missions?

There is such a taboo on the subject of women’s sexual health that it is important to us to make it our mission to change the way we talk about it. We work hard on raising awareness on female health and the five gynaecological cancers: ovarian, vulval, vaginal, cervical and womb – often referred to as the ‘Silent Killers’ due to the low awareness of early symptom signs. People often do not know there are 5 different gynaecological cancers, and we need to spread the word. For example, a smear test will not pick up all of the cancers and it is important that women know this.


Why is this cause so important to you?

 Understanding the symptoms of the cancers will save so many women’s lives. By the time a diagnosis is made, the cancer can be advanced and therefore, the chances of survival are far lower, with an average mortality rate of 44%. 




Why was it important to partner with Monsoon?

We are so proud to be partnering with Monsoon, a brand known for its beautiful, feminine prints and clothing. Monsoon feels strongly about supporting charities, projects and causes which empower women and encourages awareness driving initiatives. They have designed a gorgeous limited-edition collection which will help us reach an even wider audience thus increasing the awareness of the cancers that affect so many women.



What funds will be raised and where might they go?

Monsoon have generously donated £9,000 to the foundation from this partnership which will go to The Royal Marsden and more research into gynaecological cancers. Hopefully, those that purchase these items will be inspired to talk more to their friends or family about their health and overall increase the conversation and ultimately, the survival rates.


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