Create Your Festive Table: Table Menu and Name Place Settings with Romeo & Jules


This week we are adding to our festive table with Romeo & Jules. If you’ve been admiring the graphics from our last two posts, you can now download them yourself! The perfect way to add a personal touch to your table, Jennifer from Romeo & Jules takes us through how to get your table menu and name place cards ready for Christmas day.



We’ve also made notes below, so you can bring this to life at home with an easy how-to guide. We’d love to see your centrepieces too, so please share what you make on social and tag us in #mymonsoon



How to:

Start warming up your hand by drawing loose scribbles and loopy doodles on a spare piece of paper. I find this wakes up my hand and allows more free-flowing letterforms.

Print out the menu/place cards and trim to size.

Decide on your menu and have to hand. Determine the length of the dishes against the free space on the menu to allow enough space.

Start scribing! Don’t worry about making the menu look perfect as I believe the more of your personal style on show, the better. And if there are any mistakes, print off more menus and have another go. Have fun with it.

Show off your handiwork on your set table. Enjoy!

Download menus >

Download name place cards >



We’ve got more to come! Take a look at our dedicated events blog to complete your festive table here >

Create Your Festive Table: Print Your Own Napkins with Molly Mahon


We are continuing our tablescaping inspiration this week with Molly Mahon. She is showing us how to print your own napkins for Christmas, with one of our favourite parts of Christmas dinner, the potato! A great and easy way to make Christmas day feel a little more special, and something you can keep bringing out year after year. Find out how right here…



Molly also created a very handy pack with all the instructions from this video to bring it to life at home, keep scrolling to download. We’d love to see your centrepieces too, so please share what you make on social and tag us in #mymonsoon



How to:

First slice your potato in half down the length

Trace or draw on your pattern – in this instance a Christmas tree

Then start to cut out around the shape about 1/2cm deep at first.

Then slice away the bits that you do not want to be printed.

Following the guidelines below practise your print on paper first until you have got the hang of the technique and until you are satisfied that you know where you are going to place your block.

With your table covered in newspaper or an old blanket lay out your napkin and either tape or pin it down in place.



Using the brush or stippler, dab an even layer of paint all over the potato

Be confident of where you are going to position your block, commit and press down firmly.

Carefully but confidently lift the potato, et voila! you are off.

Remember to reload your block between every print.

Use scrap paper to catch any of the potato that is printing over the edge of the taped surface to keep a lovely clean work surface.

Hang or lay out to dry the finished piece and once dry set the paint with a hot but dry iron – choose a setting appropriate to the fabric you are printing on.

Smile, be proud and gift or use your beautiful and joyful new napkins.


Download here



We’ve got loads more to come! Take a look at our dedicated events blog to complete your festive table here >


Bringing Our Store to You: The November Buyer’s Edit


This week we’re bringing our store to you with our November Buyer’s Edit. Our Head of Buying, Juliette, takes us through Monsoon favourites that you’ll love wearing throughout this winter and those to come! 

Featuring everything from beautifully crafted embroidered pieces to knitwear to wrap up in, get ready to fall in love…



Win the Edit



We’re giving away one of our most popular pieces from this edit, our embroidered velvet teal jacket! Want to win? Visit our social channels to find out how >

Bringing Our Store to You: Keep It Cosy Edit


We’ve really missed seeing you all in our stores, so this lockdown we wanted to bring our store to you! Our Head of Buying, Juliette and our Head of Design, Caroline have pulled together some edits of cosy knitwear, dreamy nightwear and inspiration for your Christmas shopping. This is our first but not last online edit as we go through this lockdown, so keep an eye out for more from us.

This week we are all about keeping it cosy, find your new forever favourites for winter right here…




Win This Cosy Edit



Seen a thing or three you like? You can enter our competition to win some of the cosy pieces featured. Visit our social channels to find out how >


Monsoon Events: Create Your Festive Table


Christmas this year will be a bit different. To try make it feel a little more special we spoke to some talented creatives about how to make Christmas indoors a little more festive. This year it’s all about tablescaping, and we’ve thought of everything from floral centrepieces to how to make a special festive cake. See our events below and click on the images to go through to the dedicated blog posts and get your festive table started…



That’s not all, we are putting together events to bring our store to you while we are in lockdown, with exclusive edits from our Head of Buying, Juliette and Head of Design, Caroline, as well as more inspiration from our influencers and mummy bloggers for Christmas. Keep an eye out on our blog and social channels for what’s to come!


Create Your Festive Table: Floral Centrepiece with Willow Crossley


We know this Christmas feels a bit different than those that have come before. So, we’ve got together with some extremely talented creatives to make it feel a little more special. The first, floral centrepieces! We spoke to Willow Crossley about how to create a festive floral centrepiece that will make everyone who you can share Christmas with smile.



We’ve also made a note of everything you need from this video to bring it to life at home. We’d love to see your centrepieces too, so please share what you make on social and tag us in #mymonsoon



How to:

Start by conditioning your flowers. Cut the bottom of the stem on an angle, remove any foliage and then give them a good drink before you start arranging.

The number of stems you need per vase will depend on the size of your vases but keep in mind that they want to be one and a half times the height of the vase.

Keep the water topped up and fresh. Keep out of direct sunlight and extreme heat.

When you arrange them down the table, don’t put them in poker straight lines. Jiggle them about so they feel relaxed. Think about adding colourful candles to add colour and height.

For more colour, tying up your napkins with bright ribbons is lovely and finished the table off beautifully.

Enjoy your table!



We’ve got loads more to come! Take a look at our dedicated events blog to complete your festive table here >




Monsoon Monthly: November Edition


For some of us this November we find ourselves in another lockdown, so for this month we’re focusing on things that can help lift our spirits while at home. From home comforts to stay cosy in, to places to go for winter walks, we hope to give you some inspiration!



Lockdown and winter can only mean one thing, cosy nightwear to spend all day and night in! Find ones you’ll want to wear throughout the seasons in our new collection.



Time out are a go-to always, one of our favourite pieces to turn to on their website is London’s prettiest walks. If you live in capital, this a must for winter trips outside, and don’t forget to wrap up with our new in collection.



Cheer up your nearest and dearest with surprise flowers! Inspired by World Kindness Day coming up this Friday, whether you’re buying for those spending a birthday indoors or as a just-because gift, Monsoon Flowers are sure to make them smile.



This month we were inspired by Stylist and their recent ‘loves’ email talking all about paper plants. It may sound unusual, but not only are they beautiful, they take a lot less looking after than the real ones. So, you can feel surrounded by nature without any worry! Stylist recommends visiting Corrie Beth Makes to show you how it’s done and we agree.



During our last lockdown we put together a lot of inspiration of things to do at home, that we thought would really help pass the time right now too. We will have loads more coming soon with a festive focus, so keep an eye out!

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