Lounging with Monsoon: Emily Rose


Lounging has become a necessary pastime for many of us during lockdown, and with that we need comfortable loungewear too! We spoke to Emily Rose about our new loungewear collection and what she has been getting up to while at home.


Have you been able to fill your time with any newfound loves/hobbies?

Thankfully I work online so my work was not affected too much, and I have found ways around things. Moving into our new home is now a huge renovation project. So, while we have started designing the house on paper, we have been busy out in the garden. I’m certainly not a gardener but I am enjoying it.



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What is your favourite lounging pastime?

I love loungewear for its versatility. It is so fashionable everywhere now. When I can I most certainly love to sit and watch tv and go out for walks.


Is loungewear a new addition to your wardrobe or is it something that has always been a wardrobe staple?

Loungewear is most definitely a new trend in my wardrobe since lockdown. It is comfy and fashionable and so easy to change the look up or down.



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What do you love about the new Monsoon loungewear collection?

I love how cosy and warm it is and how they have added a skirt in the collection. It is a great transitional item going into spring.


What are you looking forward to when as we come out of the pandemic? What have you missed the most while in lockdown?

I am looking forward to a few things, seeing friends and family for coffee and wine. Appreciating the small things that we have missed out on so much. I must admit a nice break in the sunshine is most certainly on that long list. 


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