Lounging with Monsoon: Juliet Angus


Since the launch of our loungewear collection, we have enjoyed seeing how you’ve styled our new designs! We spoke to Juliet Angus about why she loves our new loungewear collection and what she has been getting up to while at home.


How have you found your time in and out of lockdown?

It has been challenging navigating this new normal for everyone. Children have been in and out of school, how we work has been re-evaluated, our home life reorganised. Life normally can be so chaotic and slowing down has given us a chance to think about how we spend our time and reflect on just how precious it can be. As the world and its people heal, I hope we gained some important lessons through this incredibly tough time and remember to always be grateful for our health and loved ones.



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Have you been able to fill your time with any newfound loves/hobbies?

Puzzles and baking banana bread? Ha, as much as I may be joking, it’s true we have been baking a lot and doing puzzles. I actually use to make banana bread all the time as a teenager, a friend’s mom, back in high school had this delicious recipe. I had my mom in Chicago send it to me and we’ve been making it all the time.

We also moved into a new home last year and I kept putting off making decisions on interiors. I can decide on an outfit in five minutes, home is a different ball game, so I’ve been researching, putting mood boards together and getting our home furnished and decorated, it’s finally coming together.


What is your favourite lounging pastime? E.g. reading, watching TV, listening to music/podcasts.

As a family, we have been doing a lot of family movie nights and watching classics with my kids, Georgina 12, Truman 10. We’ve watched: Forest Gump, Shawshank Redemption, Stand by Me, Ghost, Armageddon, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, to name a few. We also, as a family at dinner have been going around the table and each requesting Alexa to play a song, that way the kids learn about our music from past decades and we learn about what the kids are listening to these days, which is mostly songs from Tik Tok.



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Is loungewear a new addition to your wardrobe or is it something that has always been a wardrobe staple?

Loungewear definitely has become way more of a staple than I ever thought it could be! We have to be comfortable. I think everyone is reconsidering Karl Lagerfeld’s quote “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life, so you bought some sweatpants.” This past year the quote is more “comfort is key”.

What do you love about the new Monsoon loungewear collection?

What I love about this Monsoon collection is the colour tone and cosiness of the material, it also has an elevated look and feel to the design. The knit is luxurious, and the silhouettes are feminine.

What are you looking forward to when as we come out of the pandemic? What have you missed the most while in lockdown?

I’m looking forward to being with friends and family! A lot of dancing, laughing, going to concerts, feeling some freedom again and travelling again!


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