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The Monsoon Accessorize Trust is so proud to support WaterHarvest, a not-for-profit that harvests rainwater, for sustainable access to safe clean drinking water. Over the past three years, we have been able to support the construction of over 150 rainwater harvesting structures in Charasada, just southwest of Jaipur. As a result, 150 families (around 900 people) will have year-round, clean drinking water at home. Seeing the positive impact of WaterHarvest, we have just committed to a further three years with an increase of funds by almost double. 

This is Gora Kanwar (photographed above) who now has water at home for the first time in her life. This opens up all the wonderful follow-on benefits – she won’t have to walk miles each day fetching water, her heath will improve from drinking clean safe beautiful rainwater that has been filtered, and she can now go to senior school which she’s had to miss until now as she was tied up each day fetching water. 





“Driving overland to India in the seventies, water was a scarce commodity in every country on route. It is even more so today and no more so than the end of the journey in Rajasthan where Monsoon the business started a revival of hand-block printing, an ancient craft in the surrounding villages to Jaipur. Water and wells were in dire need, so we remember how crucial they were to the community. 


The Monsoon Accessorize Trust fully support the amazing work of WaterHarvest.”  Peter Simon – Founder 



We have been able support this amazing cause with the support of staff, customers and the business – and you can also get involved. Find out more via the link below.


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WaterHarvest Stories  


We wanted to find out more about the people directly impacted by WaterHarvest, so we could share their stories with you.


Dallu Devi: Bhojpur Village



Dallu is 30 years old and raising her three young children alone since her husband passed away. Before the project, she had to fetch water very early or late in the day, from the only available water sources 2km away. Earning money for her family has always been her top priority.

Now, with a roof rainwater system at home, she says, ‘Now I have time to prepare food for my children…and water at home has changed my life holistically.’



Santra Devi: Jal Sakhi – Women’s Community Worker



Santra works with women in the community, ‘During my walk in the community I ensure people use rainwater harvesting structures for drinking purposes. The water crisis in the village is over because of rainwater harvesting structures, now households are using safe, cleaner and sweeter water. While counselling the women I share financial saving schemes to help women start saving monthly too.

 I am happy to see the change in the village where a drinking water crisis is over. The fight for water has stopped. Social relations are developing. Rainwater harvesting structures saved time and women started small scale income generation activities to raise their household income.’



Gulab Devi: Bhojpur Villiage



Gulab has three children and used to get water from a pond 4km away. In the summer they had to dig deep to get any water at all. Gulab got sick and weak and was unable to walk. To survive, her 12-year-old daughter and 14-year-old son left school to help their mum.

A new rainwater system has transformed things. Gulab joyfully says ‘My sickness is cured, and my health improved due to sweet and safe water of roof rainwater harvesting tank. My stomach-ache has gone, and joint pain is also very less. My children are studying in school as well.’

In addition, she has more time and grows vegetables for a better family diet.


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