Summer Activities with the Kids: Marlenka & Flo



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Summer holidays are in full swing and we’re all for inspiration on how to keep the kids busy on those days at home. Marlenka and Flo show us how to make flower crowns, bath soak bags and dried flower clay ornaments, and we couldn’t be more excited to get started…


Flower crown



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We absolutely loved making these! We picked all the wildflowers on our walk and Flo enjoyed choosing different colours and types of blooms. It gave her a little bit of responsibility and awoke her creative side. Once we made the crown, she really enjoyed playing with it, pretending to be a fairy. I guarantee your little ones will really enjoy this activity.



What you’ll need:


Floral wire

Tape, ribbon or a string

Fresh flowers



How to:


Cut your flowers so the stems are 1 1/2 inches long.

Create your wire loop to the size of your head and use the extra length to wrap around the loop again for stability. 

Place one of your centre flowers on your wire loop and use the floral tape or a string to attach the stem to the wire.

Place another flower behind your first flower and tape that stem to the wire as well. Continue this process until you have that side completed. Repeat the process for the other side by placing a flower next to your centre flower (the heads of the flowers should be facing each other) and working your way down that side of the wire. Cover the exposed wire in the back with the floral tape, and you’re done!



Bath soak bags



We absolutely love these! It’s such an easy and yet extremely satisfying activity! The bags are perfect as a little gift to your friends or loved ones to help them relax. You can make the bags as little or as big as you wish and even decorate them with a stamp or add a tag with ingredients. Flo’s idea was to add a little lavender stem to each bag. It looked so cute.



In our bags we added:


Organic oats

Dried lavender

Dried rose petals

Epsom Salt

Himalayan Salt

Few drops of lavender oil


You can really use whatever herbs or dried flowers you have in your house.

Simply add it all together to your bag.

Your little ones will love it. Flo adores making potions and mixtures with all sorts of ingredients, so this was a perfect activity for her. It kept her entertained for a good while. It was also a great opportunity to talk about different herbs and flowers and how they help us. For example, Flo now knows that lavender helps us sleep better.



Dried flowers clay ornaments



If you and your little ones love drying flowers just as much as us, you will love this activity!

We had lots of dried pressed flowers that we collected last year so we decided to use them with the air-dry clay paste and turn them into a beautiful ornament. Again, they’re so pretty and perfect for a lovely and very meaningful gift.

If you haven’t got pressed flowers, don’t worry. You can dry them in no time. Just pick your favourite wildflowers, press them flat in between pages of one of your biggest, heaviest books. We used baking paper between the flowers and the paper, to keep the flowers from sticking and ripping when you take them off the pages.

Next, when the flowers are ready get a piece of air-dry clay, roll it out and using a cup, jar or a cookie cutter, cut out desired shapes. We went for circles but really you can get your imagination run wild!

Once you cut out all the ornaments, don’t forget to create a hole to string twine through at the end. We used a straw to do it.

Now it’s time to decorate your ornaments. Gently press all the flowers onto your clay shapes and once you’re done, give it a thin layer of PVA glue or a Mod Podge.

Once you’re done, pop your ornament onto a baking paper and let it fully dry overnight.

Put a string through the hole, once they’re hardened and dried, and tie a knot.

All done! Enjoy!


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