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Introducing our new artisan collection, a celebration of beautifully made craft icon pieces to treasure always. Each piece traditionally made by hand with bandhani, woodblock and screen-printed techniques, designed in London by our in-house team, then crafted with considered fabrics, including soft organic cotton – these styles are made to wear now and pass down to loved ones throughout the years.



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Discover how our Artisan Collection is made – handcrafted with traditional techniques, experience these beautifully designed pieces from the hand-printed dresses to the quilted jackets come to life…



Or read more about the techniques used in this collection below…


Screen printing


Our screen print designs are created digitally and processed on a reusable screen, before being washed and prepped ready to add the dyes, where the pattern will seep through the screen on the relieved areas.

The dyes are poured on the screen using a squeegee and then pulled back and forth over the fabric – after each layer has dried a different layer of colour is added.



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Carved and crafted from mango wood – each layer of colour is placed on top of each other. Borders are printed and designed in rows, before being cut and inserted into each garment.


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Tied and twisted, each dot on the fabric is crafted by hand and layered up to show the different colours. The twisted cotton threads create areas where the dye doesn’t reach the cloth, before being layered up with colour and dyes to give the final look.


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Fabric is placed and stitched with borders. Wadding is sandwiched in-between the fabric and overstitched to create the quilted finish.


Now you’ve seen how they’ve been made, it’s time to make these beautiful pieces part of your forever wardrobe. Shop our latest artisan collection in full >