Rainy Day Activities: Chloe & Matilda

As the weather gets colder and the rain starts to unpredictably fall, we’ve been thinking of activities that can keep them busy on weekends indoors with rainy day activities from @oaktreehome. Be inspired with cast fossil and suncatcher how-tos they’ll have endless fun with – wearing outfits that are just as fun!

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Cast Fossil

(adult supervision)



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A cast fossil is where an animal dies and over time its body parts decay leaving a void, that void is then filled with minerals and over time the minerals from rocks which leave a cast of the creature that passed. They are generally found where once there was quiet water that sediment and silt could build up in.

Cast fossils can be found of lots of animals and plants and shells, ammonites and trilobites are very common examples that can be found.

In this simple experiment, we are going to mimic the process that creates cast fossils to show how they would have formed but, in a few minutes, instead of millions of years.



To make the fossils you will need:

Plasticine or other modelling clay that will not dry out

Plaster of Paris

Small tub to mix your plaster in



Card, sticky tape and a small plastic lid to contain your fossil making process



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Method for creating your fossils:


Soften the Plasticine and create a flat shape.

Using a shell (or dinosaur) press carefully into the Plasticine and then remove. This has made a mould fossil. Now it’s time to finish the fossil process and create the cast fossil.

In a small plastic tub mix up the Plaster of Paris according to the instructions (an adult must supervise using Plaster of Paris)

Make a cylinder around the fossil using strips of card and sellotape.

Pour or spoon the mix into the mould the shell has produced.

Allow to harden till your Plaster of Paris is solid.

Peel away the Plasticine and card from the plaster cast.

You now have a cast fossil!




(adult supervision)



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What you need:


Old crayons

Laminator and pouches






Marker pen



What to do:


Grate old crayons into different bowls

Sprinkle the bits of crayon into the laminating pouches and create patterns (don’t go too close to the edge)

Put the pouch through the laminator and watch the crayon sprinkles melt and create pretty patterns

Using a marker pen draw shapes and cut them out

Sellotape the shapes to string and hang in your window

Enjoy the sun catcher creating pretty patterns around your room.



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