Meet the Artisans: Gracie Embroidered Wrap Dress

Craft is at the heart of Monsoon, and we adore every part of the journey that brings you our artisanal collections, and we know you do too. Crafted by talented and skilful artisans, in this post we wanted to put a spotlight on one of our beautiful occasion pieces, the Gracie Embroidered Wrap Dress, and the people who made them.

Introducing Kareena and her family, who have worked in handwork for many years, and created this incredibly intricate beaded design.


“I am Kareena, my father Kasim Ansari and mother Hameda brought me up in Sikandrabad, a small town famous for sequin and beadwork. My father taught my mother Hameda to do handwork so that she could work in the industry too. I’ve always been a bit shy and an introverted person, as I grew up and completed senior secondary education, my mother taught the skills of handwork to me too.



Now I support my family through beadwork. Soon I will get married and live at my in-laws’ house, where I will continue my handwork skill and support them too. I believe that learning these skills is always beneficial if we use them on a regular basis.



I will continue to work as an artisan after marriage too along with my sister-in-law. At present we all work together, and it makes me happy that I am supporting my family.”



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The ARTISAN Collection


Working with craftspeople in faraway places is a complex process with lots of challenges. But it’s always been an important part of who we are and what we do. Our continued commitment to using handcraft helps sustain skills and livelihoods, as well as adding something special and unique to our collections.

A member of our Monsoon team personally visits our artisans, to watch our beautiful product come to life and get to know the people behind the intricate craftsmanship. We’ve worked closely with our ARTISAN suppliers to introduce worker handbooks where artisans can track the number of pieces they’ve worked on and, in turn, keep a record of their wages. This helps create transparency in the supply chain, letting us know who is making our clothes, and allowing us to make sure that the artisans have been fully paid for their beautiful work.


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