Christmas Crafts: Floral Centrepieces with Willow Crossley

We’re ready to start planning our Christmas table for the big day and getting creative for the family table. We spoke to florist Willow Crossley for inspiration on our Christmas table centrepiece. Using a selection of dried flowers, she creates a beautiful floral bowl that can be enjoyed at festivities throughout the season.


Willow recorded a how-to, showing you how to make your own at home and we have also put a handy guide below for you to follow. Happy flower arranging!




What you’ll need to follow Willow:


Chicken wire

Pot tape

A small bowl

A selection of dried flowers.  I have used helichrysum (strawflower), grasses picked earlier in the year from the hedgerows, Limonium, miscanthus ‘dry feather’, Amaranthus Yearming Desert, heather, acroclinium and stypha pennata.



How to


Start by cutting a length of chicken wire.  The size will depend on the size of your bowl.  You want to scrunch it up into a ball that will fill the whole bowl.


Keep it in place with a strip of pot tape which you stick from one side of the bowl to the other.  If it’s a big bowl, you may want to make a criss-cross shape using two lengths of tape.



One by one, add the flowers by poking them into the bowl, using the chicken wire to support them.


Lengthwise, we want the stems to be proportional to the size of the bowl; aim for the general size to be around one and a half times the height of the bowl.


Keep adding the flowers until the bowl is full.  We want to hide all the wire; I find the strawflowers, tucked in low are great at hiding the wire!



I like making a few bowls and dotting them down the table for a very beautiful, everlasting Christmas table.


Have a very happy Christmas!