Christmas Crafts with the Kids: Marlenka


The Christmas holidays have started and with all the gift wrapping and card writing you have on your list, it’s time to keep the children occupied with at-home crafts. This season we’re inspired by decorations, and Marlenka has put together a handy how-to guide with garlands and baubles made from things you can easily find in your home.



Wooden Beads and Clay Stars Garland




This is such a simple and yet satisfying activity. I must admit Florence loved joining in. We just sat there talking and threading the beads and stars. It was so relaxing.

We started off with rolling out the clay, flattening it with a rolling pin.

We then cut out star shapes. You can do any shapes you wish.





Before leaving it to dry for a day or so, I made a horizontal hole, using a toothpick.

Once the clay stars have dried, we then threaded them onto a piece of string alongside wooden beads.





You can just use your imagination here on what you’d like the pattern to be.



Cupcake Case Baubles


All you need is:


Cupcake cases

Glue gun

Glue sticks





How to:


Flatten a single case and fold it in half and repeat.

Once you’ve folded all of them it’s time for the glue gun.

Open a single case that you previously folded in half and apply glue from the middle moving outwards.

Repeat on all of the cases.

Once you’ve done that, apply two lines of glue on the outside of the case and stick another case on top of it. Repeat the process with all of the cases.





Once all the half circles are glued together, attach a string with glue.

Apply glue to the side of the cases and join both sides together creating your bauble.


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