Our Top Five Sustainable Wedding Tips

We’re embracing 2022 as the year of the wedding. As a brand who is on a journey to become as sustainable as they can be, we wanted to share some of our tips on making your wedding as eco-friendly as you can.

With so much planning to do it can be hard to know where to start, so we hope these ideas give you some inspiration! From eco-friendly wedding favours to sustainable wedding flowers, we’ve got it all covered.



Shop sustainable fabrics for you and the bridal party



Our new wedding collection has arrived, featuring more sustainable fabrics throughout, these beautiful designs are the perfect pick for your big day. Wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses made from 100% recycled polyester; your whole bridal party can be dressed in eco-conscious fabrics for the celebrations.


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Local flowers that you can reuse



Flowers are a must and a big part of the wedding day. But finding sustainable wedding flowers doesn’t have to be hard. We recommend speaking to your florist about where they source their flowers and keep it local. Another way to make the most of your local florals is reusing them, bring the flowers from your ceremony decorating your wedding arch to the vases that are part of your centrepieces. You can even gift them at the end of the night to someone on the table – making a game out of it with the help of your DJ is always fun!



Make your menu eco-friendly



The menu is always a big decision for your wedding. Our suggestion for your caterers is to talk to them about where they source their food and how they manage reducing food waste. Keeping it local and making sure food is composted or donated (depending on whether you have a set menu or buffet) are good ways to keep your menu eco-friendly. Another way is to opt for more veggie options for the guests!



Decorations you can reuse and recycle



Following on from reusing your flowers, they aren’t the only decorations you can make sure are reusable. Hiring your decorations rather than buying is a good way to make sure they don’t go to waste. Some other ideas for keeping it planet-friendly, opting for dried flowers or biodegradable confetti, recycling old bottles to be used as centrepieces, using bamboo or biodegradable plates and cutlery, wooden name places the guests can take with them, and using seeded paper for invitations, thank you cards etc, so your guests can plant them once they get home.



Be creative with wedding favours



Eco-friendly wedding favours are always a cute touch when you sit down at the reception and it’s a great time to get creative. Spend some time making your own, with soaps, bath salts, sweets etc or package up some cute wildflower seeds for your guests to take away with them. Making them and putting them together is a great way to get your bridal party together as a pre-wedding activity too.



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