Back to Origin: Chapter Two – Joshua Tree


As we continue on our journey back to our brand’s roots, we ventured to the Californian desert to capture our new collection amidst the unmistakable landscape that inspired it. Welcome to Chapter Two, Joshua Tree. 

Shortly after sunrise over Joshua Tree, our crew gathers to plan the day’s shoot and the energy is palpable – something about this place has a spellbinding effect, and we immediately find our flow. It’s a thing campaign model Alex Noiret later describes as “a certain synergy, a magic energy created by passionate, kind people coming together”. We couldn’t agree more. 

So it’s out to play in the shade of those imposing, slightly surreal and ancient Joshua trees, before coming home to our minimalist painted white house with views so captivating and addictive, we were ready to move in permanently. 

On to the collection. Our designers have become obsessed with the awe-inspiring colours of nature in this desert scenery, so you’ll see sunbaked tones of burnt orange, earthy red and hazy yellow. Hardwearing denim, Americana patchwork quilting and hand-knitted crochet are layered together to provide texture and interest, while delicate floral dresses are offset with our model’s own vintage cowboy boots. It’s a celebration of the artisanal craftsmanship that still exists in this part of the world, and a homage to the free-spirited attitude of its inhabitants. 

We’ve been inspired by the thriving creative community at the heart of the Californian desert, and over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be sharing stories from artists and makers we met on our travels. Please stay tuned and follow our social channels to see more of this bohemian new collection.