Back to Origin: Chapter Two Joshua Tree – Alex Noiret


As the sun started to set on our shoot, we sat underneath the pink sky and caught up with our model Alex to talk about the creative process, finding inspiration everywhere, and the women who inspire her.



As a model, an actor, and an artist how do you find these separate creative worlds fuelling each other?


I think art, in any form, stems from a need to self-express and connect to others in a meaningful way. That’s definitely what it is for me; all of my passions are different forms of self-expression, and ways I can connect to the world around me.

On an outer level, these creative worlds coexist well because they are visual, and platforms like Instagram make great hubs for sharing all things visual. On a more personal level though, these creative worlds inspire me and fuel one another well because they feel essential to my being. I truly, deeply love them. Each art form brings me some kind of unique fuel and feels as vital to me as a limb is to a body (metaphorically, of course). Each of these limbs have their roles, and together, make a whole body, or a more whole way of expressing myself. For example, drawing helps me express my childlike, imaginative, and goofy side, while acting helps me express my sensitive, imaginative, and emotional side.

These separate worlds exist together in my life because I deeply yearn for them to. It isn’t always easy to juggle, but they are my “blessed unrest,” as Martha Graham would say. (Look up that quote!). I feel so lucky to have them, be able to work on them, and feel inspired by them, as much as I do. I’m so grateful.



We shot our campaign in Joshua Tree. What did you take away from the area in your time shooting there?

When I observed the Joshua trees and thought about how they’d been there for hundreds — maybe thousands — of years, resiliently surviving and thriving in the harsh desert landscape, I suddenly remembered my place in the grand scheme of things. Nature reigns. It came before us and will live on far after us. So meticulously and beautifully too.


What are your favourite campaigns to work on?

My favourite campaigns to work on are ones where there’s a certain synergy, a magic energy and flow created by passionate, kind people coming together — like this shoot!


Your Instagram feels like a mood board of positivity and breath-taking creativity. Where do you go for inspiration?

Thank you so much! That means a lot to me. Honestly, the more I compare myself to others or scroll too long on Instagram, the more my purest intentions or forms of self-expression become diluted. Suddenly, I want to change everything. I’ll start thinking I need to morph myself into something I’m not. In those moments, I try not to post until I settle down and re-connect to the things that feel good in my heart. Those things usually are connection, finding and sharing meaning or beauty (big or small), and nature. Although, at one point, I began to feel trapped within my own “rules” of what my personal identity “should” post. We create identities for ourselves on these platforms, and I think it’s important to remember that our online identities can change just like our real-life ones do. It’s all about staying true to you, in the moment. At least, that’s how I try to do things!



Where is your favourite place to visit when you need to get away and focus on your creativity?

Good question. Lately, I haven’t had much space, so I’ve been storing my creativity on brain shelves! Going back to my grandparents’ home in Pyla (France), is my best form of regeneration. It may sound counter-intuitive, but when I’m there, I try to disconnect from my work and creative world. Instead, I relax, re-root myself, have more space to think — or not think — and come back with fresh, full batteries, ready to create. Maybe the key is getting away, taking a breather, then focusing on creativity. Daily walks also are great for this!


What’s your morning routine like when you’re preparing yourself for a shoot?

I like to make sure I have enough time to have a calm breakfast and cosy morning. I’ll wake up, wash my face, follow my skincare routine, get dressed, then have breakfast. I’ll read a few pages of a book or snuggle with my cat if I have time. Then, I run out the door!



What were some of your favourite looks from the shoot?

I was wearing the Odette maxi dress with the Clay belted jacket for one of the shots. That was definitely one of my favourite looks!


Who are the women who inspire you?

There are so many brilliant women in my life who inspire me in so many different ways. I observe them, living life in their unique individual ways, with unique individual circumstances; I am so proud of them. I learn so much from them. Life isn’t always easy, but they rise. They experience. They find beauty. They are vulnerable. They are strong. They are full of life.