Monsoon Children x WWF: Fun Things To Do

It’s time to go wild – our new Monsoon Children x WWF collection has landed, and we’re so excited we could roar. 

Featuring vibrant superstitch and appliqué detailing, the T-shirts are crafted from 100% organic cotton, meaning they’re kind to skin and the environment. The dresses are made using recycled polyester and come in unique prints that are perfect for summer adventures. 

The animals living on these colourful styles are disappearing from our natural world. That’s why we’re donating 5% of the net proceeds from this collection to help fund WWF-UK’s vital conservation work. Children can choose from tiger, panda, giraffe, elephant, dolphin, gorilla and turtle designs that will set their imaginations soaring. 

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FREE creature colouring sheets download

WWF collaborated with the talented Emma Walling to create a series of ornate illustrations for kids to decorate. Children can learn as they colour by reading about the important role each of these animals plays in keeping our natural environment alive and thriving.

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Animal-wild quiz 

Grab a junior wildlife enthusiast and test their knowledge: 

Q: How far away can you hear a lion roar? A: Five miles away, and lions are the only known cat species where individuals join to produce a chorus of roars – even young cubs join in with their mews. 

Q: How long do mountain gorillas spend in trees per day? A: 45 minutes. Though excellent climbers, only 3% of mountain gorillas’ daily activity takes place in trees. 

Q: How much of our DNA do we share with gorillas? A: 98%

Q: Who came first, people or tigers? A: Tigers were here first. They’ve existed for about 2 million years.  

Q: How often do tigers eat? A: Tigers only need one big meal a week. (This fact does not persuade kids to stop asking for snacks. We tried.)  

For more fun facts and to see more of this wonderfully wild collection, head to our new @monsoonchildren Instagram account. 

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