Back to Origin: Chapter Three – Ibiza

We’re on a journey back to the roots of our brand, to the locations that first inspired us when we set up our stall in the ’70s. This summer, we’re revisiting the very place Monsoon was dreamed up. Welcome to Chapter Three – Ibiza.  

Vanessa wears ikat print dress


We ventured to the north of the island, where our new collection was brought to life by model Vanessa Breuer and photographer Linda Wit, both residents of Ibiza, both passionate about its creative force and inspired by its wild nature. Between the lush hills, secluded coves, and our model’s stunning home (thank you, Vanessa, for inviting us), we captured our designs in natural light, from sunrise to sunset. And we got a real sense that this is a spiritual place to be. Our photographer Linda put it like this: “There’s this female island energy. If you let go, if you jump on the ride of this island, the island gives you so much magic and love back”. For those who’ve ever visited, we’re sure you’ll understand. 

Inspired by these exact surroundings, the collection has a distinctly bohemian and unmistakably Ibizan feel, with beautifully detailed crochet, embroidery and prints forming floaty, unstructured silhouettes. Our designers were drawn to the free-spirited attitude of our friends on the White Isle and wanted to bring that mood to every piece. And you can really feel it. Every shape has a sense of ease, allowing you to become the most carefree version of yourself. Which is what being on this island is all about. As Ibiza local Victoria Durrer Gasse told us, this is a place where “messy hair and sandy toes are perfectly okay”.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing conversations with local icons – artisans who find their inspiration in this magical place, and whose creations we’ll be making available on our website. For now, we invite you to explore the new collection and listen to our Ibiza playlists to get you in the mood for a stylish, bohemian summer.