Meet the Photographer: Linda Wit 

If like us, you’ve found yourself planning a trip to Ibiza as a result of seeing our latest campaign photography, then you have Linda Wit to thank. Linda’s ability to capture the atmosphere of this island through authentic caught moments is the reason we were so keen to work with her. Originally from Amsterdam, Linda moved to Ibiza with her family with the intention of staying just a year. Find out why, five years later, she still calls the White Isle home, and how living there has changed her outlook on work and life. 

An example of Linda Wit's portrait photography

You were born in Amsterdam but always itching to travel. Why do you think that is? 

From a very young age, I loved to listen to the stories of my grandpa about his travels. My parents had their own organic supermarket for more than 30 years and didn’t have that much time to go on holiday. In my dreams, I was travelling already. From the age I could go by myself, I started to travel and explore. Since the children were born, we’ve taken them everywhere, travelling in the desert of Oman or helping an island biologist in the Maldives with his turtle logbook – they love it too. It’s a privilege to let them grow up like this and explore humans, animals, flavours and religions from all over the world. To see the world as one with all its different sides. 

What did you find in Ibiza that made you want to stay put? 

We always had the dream to go for one year with the children when they were little. Five years ago, we decided to go for it. To live for one year more barefoot in nature, enjoying the slow life. After this first year, none of us wanted to go back to Amsterdam. It’s the magic of the island, you love it, or you hate it. If you go for the ride, the island gives you so many beautiful lessons, and if you take them, the magic is there. We’re enjoying the South European lifestyle, the mañana mañana mentality, the nature around us, the sun, and the high quality of life. 

What’s it like to bring up a family here? 

We tell each other daily how grateful we are to bring up the children here on the island. Ibiza is like her own mini globe, with all the nationalities and different people. When our children grow up, they will have friends all around the world. They go to a French school where they speak and learn French, Spanish and English. When I see how easily they switch languages, I’m more than proud, and see this as a big present for them. It’s like, six months a year they walk barefoot, it’s easy to stay a child and play outside, and they are really part of the lifestyle. Everyone brings their children everywhere, summer nights are not just for the grown-ups – even small children are a part of this gathering together. They’re not surrounded by rushed people, and I feel so grateful to see how they can look to and enjoy nature, and how close they are to all animals. 

Road trip photographs taken by Linda

Have you found living on the island sparks your creativity? 

For sure! Because of the slow life and the nature around me, I got back a little sparkle. Running around in Amsterdam and being on socials made me work with pictures in my mind. When I moved and skipped socials for 18 months, I started to look at the world again. To create things from my own eyes, to see magic everywhere – the light, the movement of nature, the raw part of nature – and my creativity came back. Creating things from outside of myself, not wanting to make something perfect but to see the perfection in imperfection. Exactly how it is, to keep things simple and real. Following this made me create my own signature and I keep moving in that direction, just doing the things I love to do. To continue playing every day and to look at the world as a little child looking for miracles.  

What do you feel most passionately about right now? 

Real stories, a glimpse of someone’s life. Just as it is. Local people everywhere around the world, to see their big smiles no matter what conditions they live in. Not the perfect magazine story but real happiness. It makes me so inspired.  

What makes an amazing photograph, in your opinion? 

The light. The little moment. You have to see it. You cannot force it. It’s there. The movement or smile. The imperfection, the realness. The raw picture. It doesn’t matter what camera you use – if it’s an expensive one, the perfect lens or just an old crappy phone, it’s all about what your eyes see, how you go out of your mind and let your eyes see the magic.  

Photographer Linda Wit

What’s been the highlight of our shoot for you? 

We had such a nice women-only team! To see everyone doing the things they love and creating something beautiful together. And to capture the artisans on our island, listen to their stories and see their creativity was a really nice thing to do. Inspiring.  

Why do you think people describe this place as magical? 

I’m sure it’s the energy. There’s this female island energy. If you let go, if you jump on the ride of this island, the island gives you so much magic and love back. I’m sure about that. But if you go for the ‘dark’ side, using the island to make money or not seeing the lessons it gives, it will be too much and the island can really bring you down. It’s like the force of Star Wars, the light side and the dark side. They say the first year is a test year, if you love it you can stay forever but keep learning, and if you hate it, you will leave the island before the year is finished.  

Who are the women you’re inspired by? 

Women who choose for their own happiness, who can see and feel their happiness. I did a lot of volunteering in Greece and saw women with many children living in a little tent with nothing but making the very best of it. And smiling with a real smile. I could feel their happiness and gratefulness. It made me cry. They looked happier than many other women in my life. If you can feel this and choose this for yourself, you are a hero in my opinion. And women who choose to do what they love, not choosing what to do out of fear, but from their heart and passion. For themselves, for others, for nature. It´s not about making a career but following your path. 

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