7 rainy-day activities for children

With the darker nights drawing in and the temperature dropping, it can be tricky to keep your little ones entertained and their imaginations inspired… 

We’ve pulled together some of our top- pick items to help keep children entertained and busy during chilly autumn and winter days.  

From arts and crafts and baking that you can do together, to toys for indoors and out, dressing up items that let their creativity run wild and, of course, some suitable outdoor exploring attire too – we’ve covered it all.   

Set their minds free with this selection of arts and crafts kits (animal or nature based) – plus they can add a touch of mermaid or ballerina magic with our selection of stickers.

However, if you’re stuck for other crafting ideas there is also our book about magical everyday play to inspire you.

Be it dinosaurs, pizzas or decorate-your-way styles, they can get creative (and a bit messy) in the kitchen with these biscuit-making kits. While we can’t promise the clean-up will be fun… we can guarantee the taste-testing will be.  

Whatever the weather, we have a selection of toys that can entertain children both in the house and the garden. From skipping ropes to block puzzles, soft toys to recorders (sorry to your ears in advance) – there’s something for every little person.  

From pirates to princesses, spark their imaginations with dress up sets, costumes and face stickers. All you need to add is a sprinkle of make-believe and who knows where you’ll end up?  

Cosy up for story time or allow them to create their own memories with our selection of informative and fictional books, as well as journals. Ideal for those colder days when all you want to do is cuddle up on the sofa.  

Bag up their crafty items in a themed pencil case, or pack up their playdate essentials on our selection of backpacks and bags. With fun sequins and motifs – we’re sure these will be a hit.  

Kit out your autumn explorers in warm layers, fun accessories and weather-friendly wellies. Be it a park playdate, dog walk or simply being out in the garden – you can make sure they’re ready for whatever adventure comes next.   

Discover our range of floral and colourful coats, cosy hats and practically perfect accessories.

These are just a few of our top picks to help keep your children entertained and equipped for half term and the upcoming colder months. To discover more of our children’s toys, gifts and bazaar brands please visit our website.