The Scorpio Edit: 12 gifts that are made for your water sign friends

Scorpio season is upon us, October 23rd – November 21st, and to help make your Scorpio friend’s birthday even more special, we’ve pulled together our top pick of gifts to match the key Scorpio personality traits.  

Because what Scorpio can resist a bit of all-out elegance? 

They have a keen eye for detail – especially when it’s going to sit pride of place atop their head. Gift them with this stunning headband. Embellished Star Knot Headband | Jewellery & Hair | Monsoon UK. 

A bag should be both practical and beautiful – just like this embellished number. Star Embellished Velvet Clutch Bag | Occasion Bags | Monsoon UK. 

Head (ears) to toe glamour comes in many forms – like these glitzy hoop earrings that any Scorpio would swoon over in a heartbeat. Multi Colour Huggie Hoops Set of Three | Accessories | Monsoon UK. 

We all know a Scorpio who likes things their way, paying particular attention to the details and intricacies of items. Thankfully we have a few things that fit the bill.  

Let them make an entrance in these chunky, autumn stompers with chain feature. Chain Detail Leather Stomper Loafers Black | Women’s Shoes | Monsoon UK. 

Bring attention to detail into their home with this stunning embroidered cushion. Star Embroidered Cushion | Cushions | Monsoon UK. 

Plus, for those curious Scorpios who want to find out even more about their own astrological sign, there is this Scorpio book full of information and illustrations that will open their minds. Bookspeed Stella Andromeda: Scorpio | Stationery | Monsoon UK. 

Remind you of anyone…? We’ve got you covered.

This book is full of winter warming recipes and ideas for your winter-born friend. Bookspeed Jassy Davis: Winter Warmers | Stationery | Monsoon UK. 

Bring a warming fragrance to their home with this black oak candle.  Aery Living Black Oak Candle 200g | Candles & Home Fragrance | Monsoon UK. 

While some Scorpios may be a little hot-headed from time-to-time, it’s also getting cold outside, so this hat is an ideal gift for people with winter birthdays.  – Super Soft Knit Beanie Hat with Recycled Polyester Green | Accessories | Monsoon UK. 

Scorpios are big fans of all things in black – how appropriate for the darker days and nights drawing in.

They can be decadent, elegant and fancy in this beautiful blouse. Raegan Velvet Feather Blouse Black | Blouses & Shirts | Monsoon UK. 

This black Fedora number is the ideal finishing touch for any autumn outfit- Buckle Trim Fedora Hat | Accessories | Monsoon UK. 

For the Scorpios who love to layer. Metallic Poncho Black | Ponchos | Monsoon UK.  

Some water-themed and related gifts to keep your Scorpio friend in their element.  

Rose Quartz water for their mindful moments. Palm of Feronia Rose Quartz Water | Home & Beauty | Monsoon UK. 

Help them wash away the day with these exfoliant bath salts. La Eva Roseum Exfoliant and Bath Salts | Home & Beauty | Monsoon UK. 

Water droplet-style earrings to add a bit of colour. Pippa Small Yagana Double Drop Earrings | Earrings | Monsoon UK. 

So, there you have it. Our round-up of Scorpio-friendly gifts will ensure you’re top of the thank-you list.