Meet the maker: Good News

Calling all trainer lovers – have we got a treat for you. Meet: Good News. The sustainable sneaker brand, shaking up the industry since 2015. 

The idea came to founders (and friends) Nia Jones and Ben Tattersall while working for various footwear brands. They saw the vast amount of wastage and damaging materials that factories around the world were creating and wanted to find a way to change the way things were done. 

Ever since that day, their mission has been to halt the damage that modern footwear manufacturing causes to people and planet. They create their products consciously and they use their platforms to give back. Or put simply… They bring the world a little bit of Good News. 

What do you draw upon for inspiration at Good News? 

The challenge of challenging the industry always inspires us. Plus looking at vintage materials for uppers and new ways to constantly reduce our emissions. We want to be a positive, optimistic and encouraging voice in the industry to facilitate dialogue and inspire action.  

What is your creative process? 

First a team brainstorm for some blue-sky thinking to draw out ideas and inspiration from everyone in the team. Then a trip away for some headspace to allow the creative ideas to surface! 

How did you grow your Good News? 

Born out of London with a passion to reshape the planet and create change, we spent two years developing our first ever sole, made from recycled and natural rubber. Since then, we strive to improve and scrutinize every collection and stay true to our values, which has been key to our growth as it’s given us real identity.  

What makes Good News trainers special?

We believe fashion can be a form of social activism and that Good News can help create a more positive future. 

All our products are fresh, fun and positive and all our collections are produced in a way that takes the planet into consideration. We source our materials locally to our factory and always strive to improve the environmental and social sustainability side of our products by decreasing our carbon, chemical and water footprint.  

Plus, each product has a story with hidden details if you look close enough… 

What kind of people love your trainers? 

Anyone who values style and sustainability. Since Ben’s Great Grandpa did a sky drive wearing Good News shoes at the ripe old age of 101, our target age bracket tends to be communicated as 16-101! 

Do you consider yourself an ethical brand?  

Yes! Our aim has always been simple; to create a platform we can use to help inform conscious change in our industry. Part of our ethical promise is a commitment to challenge a fast-paced fashion industry, to combat the vast wastage and create solutions for these problems. 

We are always striving to improve the environmental and social sustainability of our products by decreasing our carbon, chemical and water footprint, whilst caring for the people who make our products. 

Our name is central to what we do so we will continue to donate our deadstock to people in need of shoes. 

Which settings or places do you find most inspiring? 

The countryside and the sea air when we are surfing.  

What are your hopes for the future of the brand? 

We must collectively think big and act fast; it is up to us to decide how we reshape the world and reshape our industry together. 

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