How To Make International Unicorn Day Magic 

International Unicorn Day

Hands up if you know a little one who loves fun, mythical creatures, glitter and sparkles? International Unicorn Day comes around on the 9th of April every year – and it’s a celebration they don’t want to miss. On this day, we celebrate all things unicorns; from the fairy tale creatures themselves to the rainbow colours and sparkles they inspire. 

International Unicorn Day, Monsoon sparkly dress, headband and bag on a colourful surface

The history behind International Unicorn Day 

The day is celebrated globally every year and has officially been a unicorn-themed day since 2018. Promoted by toy manufacturer, Breyer, the day has quickly become popular, geared towards all ages and is embraced by unicorn-lovers everywhere. On this day, people come together to let their inner child run free, have fun with the kids, embrace colour and imagination, and celebrate these mythical creatures in a fun way.  

International Unicorn Day, Monsoon unicorn accessories on a blue surface

Ways to celebrate International Unicorn Day 

Unicorns are mythical creatures that symbolise creativity and the power of imagination. By celebrating International Unicorn Day, we can harness that childlike curiosity and inspire creativity in our little ones. With activities ranging from unicorn-themed crafts (unicorn cupcakes or painted mugs anyone?), throwing a unicorn-theme party to dressing up in unicorn costumes – it can be fun for everyone! To help them get into character, shop our magical edit of unicorn clothes, from sparkly outfits and rainbow headbands to skipping ropes and more. 

This International Unicorn Day, let your imagination run wild and enjoy a day of creativity. Check out our unicorn themed products for more inspiration – and to add a little magic to their day.