Shouldn’t every day be Earth Day?  

Earth Day

Every year, Earth Day falls on 22nd April, but sustainability deserves our attention all-year round.  

So how can sustainable fashion be part of our everyday lives? At Monsoon, we’re committed to change. We’re committed to making beautiful garments that bring prosperity to the communities that we work with, and we’re always conscious about our impact on the environment. We care about our customers, products and the people that make them. 

How we work to make a difference 

We try to integrate sustainability into our business as usual, rather than as a stand-alone part of our business. We’ve mapped out our largest areas of impact, creating goals where we can really make a significant positive change. We’re on a journey and while we don’t have all the answers, we continuously strive to bring sustainability into all we do. From more sustainable fabrics (like our new banana leather handbags) to clothes you can reinvent, we’re always looking for ways to make more sustainable fashion.  

Made to be reinvented: Monsoon x London College of Fashion

In an original take on sustainable fashion, we’ve given our collection with London College of Fashion an afterlife. We worked with a pattern cutter to turn eight designs into new pieces for the future, so you can wear and love them now, then reinvent them into something new later. Whether you want to fix a spot of wear-and-tear after years of love – or freshen things up when you fancy a change – simply download your second-garment pattern, take it to your local seamstress and enjoy your piece for even longer. 

“Banana-leather handbags”, you say?  

We’re excited to introduce our mini cross-body bags, made from the material of the future: Musa, an amazing alternative to animal leather. Made from wool and banana-stem fibres (that otherwise get wasted in the agricultural industry), these beautiful bags are strong, buttery soft and kinder to the environment.  

Musa is gaining popularity as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional leather. Not only is banana leather durable and water-resistant, but it’s also biodegradable, making it a more sustainable choice for conscious consumers. So, if you love adding a pop of colour to your wardrobe, this eco-friendly option will be right up your street. Not only do they come in three fun vibrant hues, but they’re timeless and durable, so you can wear them for years to come. 

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