Taurus gifts: 12 gifts for your most-grounded friends 

As May approaches it’s time to start thinking about Taurus gift ideas. Those born between April 20th to May 20th carry patience, loyalty and grounding qualities, with a love for nature and creativity – (kudos to being an earth-sign!), so what gifts would they love? Browse our top Taurus gift ideas for all those down-to-earth friends in your life… 

Taurus gifts: 9-5 outfit ideas 

Our Taurus friends have the most hard-working traits of us all, so something they can enjoy wearing to work makes the perfect Taurus gift! While our Leilah blazer and trousers ooze femininity and boss energy, these gold-plated hoops are our secret to taking work attire from desk-to-dinner, seamlessly. 

Taurus gifts: Keep them grounded 

What’s the recipe for a successful grounding session? Asking for a friend… 

Taurus’ love being present in their body. Give them their precious moments of mindfulness with these earthy Aery candles, a beautiful new Yogi yoga mat and notebook and pen for those impromptu thoughts.  

Taurus gifts: Books for those who love to learn 

Known to be intellectual, what better than a good book for a Taurus to lose themselves into? For the foodies we recommend Meera Sodha’s eastern-inspired recipes or perhaps they’d prefer to prep their travels with Michael Turtle’s tales on the great world wonders. Better yet, Stella Andromeda provides something for the coffee table with a more personalised approach.  

Taurus gifts: Help build their sanctuary 

It’s important for Taurus’ to have a place to recharge their batteries and unwind, so provide the gift of a zen state-of-mind with pieces that create the perfect night-in. From a cosy woven cushion or cotton quilt to a luxury pair of pyjamas or slippers, when it comes to buying Taurus gifts – you can’t go wrong with these ideas. 

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