A Gemini gift guide: 18 gifts for your most-charismatic friends 

The season of curiosity and charisma is finally here – AKA Gemini season. Those born between May 21st – June 21st hold many lovable qualities, so Gemini gift guide is tailored to match their very best traits.  

Scroll and see for yourself… 

Gemini gifts: For the fun, quick-witted and charismatic 

Want something that matches their playful character? Go for punchy prints.  This special dress from our collaboration with NIFT is full of delightful artisan details. Want something even bolder? Choose this attention-grabbing jumpsuit and matching bucket hat from our collaboration with London College of Fashion.  

Gemini gifts: An outfit for the curious explorers 

For friends who love to explore, think cool and comfortable gifts. A jumpsuit for free movement and leather flat sandals for hours of wandering – finished with a floppy hat and sunglasses that provide a spot of shade under summer sun.  

Gemini gifts: For those celebrating on a beach 

Born amongst the start of British summertime, Gemini’s love soaking up the sun. If your friend is planning on celebrating on a beach, this bold and confident bikini top and matching bottoms is the perfect choice, especially teamed with a Pitusa jumpsuit and beach bag.  

Gemini gifts: For the smart, savvy, and stylish 

Naturally smart and even faster learners, why not gift your fellow Gemini some stylish accessories for their busy work-life? We recommend a luxe leather pencil case and contemporary backpack for their 9-5, while this elevated notebook and pen set is ideal for late-night thoughts.  

Gemini gifts: For the symbol of twins 

What better way to honour their star sign than to get them twinning with their mini-me? If they’re heading on holiday opt for Sunuva’s Peruvian-inspired dress for ladies and kids, or for something extra-special treat them to our favourite Originals dress, which comes in a cute mini-me version, too. 

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