Meet the maker: Little Green Radicals

Passionate about the planet and eager for an ethical fashion revolution, Little Green Radicals was founded by Nick Pecorelli with the purpose to make a real difference. Since 2005, the brand’s playful energy – combined with their made-to-last clothes – has built them a cult following in the industry. 

Read on to learn about how their lead designer Josie Bragg creates adorable designs that can be passed down through generations… 

What do you draw inspiration from? 

My inspiration comes from nature, big or small, often fused with mythology. I love tempestuous seas, surprise rainbows, starry nights, and Norse gods. Animals – from hedgehogs to whales – are also fun to weave into designs. This season is called ‘down at the bottom of the garden’ and it is surprising how you can take a simple thing like a radish and turn it into something that lots of people adore. 

Tell us about the ethical side of Little Green Radicals

Ethics is at the core of what motivates the whole team. Little Green Radicals was started by Nick Pecorelli who wanted to do something Fairtrade. He believes nothing is truly beautiful unless it is made the right way and from the beginning, we have been a trailblazing Fairtrade and organic brand. These days he says he is a visible manifestation of the joke that after the age of 39, life is mostly admin!  

Which setting or place do you find most inspiring? 

I spend time designing in Cornwall. With sea spray, barren beaches, verdant hills and cliff tops, ideas pop into my head. I also love regularly travelling out to India to see our producers. I think the success of Little Green Radicals isn’t just about our ethics and design, but the way it was built on long-term relationships and a sense of a shared journey through every stage of production.  

We’d love to know more about the team behind Little Green Radicals. 

I couldn’t do the job without Bonnie Chan. She makes sure all the technical aspects of everything we do are right, our clothes are functional and ready for free-range kids. I also work with all the wider team to understand and feed into how our product is presented and received. I particularly love organising photoshoots because it is such a playful adventure, and that’s when the team can start to really appreciate the clothes.   

What are your hopes for the future of Little Green Radicals? 

We want to continue to be at the forefront of an ethical revolution. This year we are producing a designed-for-life range for disabled children who need adaptations. Inclusivity is very important to me.  

I am also always searching for new ways to reduce our environmental impact, like using leftover fabric as the stuffing for soft toys. I also want to keep evolving our product, and this season we are launching swimwear made with recycled polyester. I think if we can show people you can be successful by bringing ethics, quality and design together, more and more brands will change the way they do things and we will all feel better about the fashion industry. 

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